Week 8 Throwdown League Results

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trophy_105x105A league is usually an 8-player, 8-week event, with players playing a 7-week double header regular season. The top two teams after the regular season compete in the eighth week in a triple header championship. A league gives some flexibility to have a little fun with the format, implementing neat twists and turns from regular Throwdown matches over the course of the regular season. Some examples include, “bench only challenges”, or “#RaceToTheBottom” (must pick all uninjured starters, but lowest points wins).

We currently have only one official Throwdown League running, but that should change once sign ups and results become more automated. Then people can even start and run their own league, which would be pretty cool, but we’re not there yet. The payout for this $10 entry fee league is $50 for 1st place and $22 for 2nd place. Each player who placed in these spots also receives the trophy icon and achievement bonus points of 10 and 5 respectively, towards their Leaderboard ranking.

This one started in Week 3, so there are only one weeks to go in the 7-week regular season after the conclusion of Week 8. The game format this week is #RaceToTheBottom. That means, LOWEST score wins. Our players had to pick starters, and suffer a penalty if they pick a player who is declared inactive, so they are drafting players who were playing but not expected to perform very much for fantasy.

Complicating things, I neglected to change the lineup requirement from the prior week, which was dual-flex. I didn’t realize until late in the week when one of our league members mentioned adding a third TE to their roster. Sorry about that! But, everyone was on equal footing, and with more roster spots than intended, it made #RaceToTheBottom even more challenging.

Throwdown League #1 (reg. season week 6)

Wk 8 – TL1 – 10 W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Wilforkisland 9 3 1,124.4 979.8 144.7
2. jeffNFL 9 3 1,133.8 997.9 135.9
3. TheKommish 7 5 1,202.1 1,204.4 -2.4
4. Bigchief37 6 6 1,045.5 1,022.5 23.0
5. mikemar 5 7 1,056.1 1,146.1 -90.0
6. Luxuriousdusti 5 7 1,009.7 1,125.4 -115.8
7. tttimmyg 4 8 1,092.7 1,105.9 -13.2
8. rhazes_darkk 3 9 1,002.1 1,084.4 -82.3

It flipped again. Wilforkisland is back in 1st place ahead of jeffNFL, but by the slimmest of margins. They played each other this week, and Wilfork won, resulting in them splitting their season series. Jeff won the first head-to-head match back in NFL Week 4. From there, we go to the points differential, and Wilfork holds the slight 10 point advantage. FYI, points for this week went in your points against category, and points against when in your points for category, since the game format was lowest points scored.

Anyway, with these two both at 9-3, and the next closest team, TheKommish at 7-5, they may have already punched their ticket to the championship final next week. The only thing that could happen is one of our top two go 0-2 this week, while TheKommish goes 2-0, and Kommish holds a head-to-head tie-breaker over the player he ties with. Improbable, but not impossible.

Bigchief37, who got off to a fast start in the league, dropped both games this week bringing his record to 6-6, out of championship contention. Everyone split their games this week except Wilfork and Bigchief. mikemar and Luxuriousdusti are 5-7, while tttimmyg and rhazes_darkk round out the league standings.

Note, the standings, for simplicity are sorted by record and then points differential, but head-to-head is still the first tie-breaker if needed to decide playoff spots at the end of the season. Each player should play every other player twice over the course of the season.

mikemar 86.4
Luxuriousdusti 98.4

Bigchief37 91.9
tttimmyg 97.9

Wilforkisland 126.05
jeffNFL 42.65

rhazes_darkk 99.8
TheKommish 98.15

rhazes_darkk 87.05
mikemar 92.7

Bigchief37 77.05
Wilforkisland 97.95

tttimmyg 64.55
jeffNFL 76.3

TheKommish 129.25
Luxuriousdusti 111.85

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