Leaderboard Ranking Methodology

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Wondering how to make a name for yourself, earning bragging rights at Fantasy Throwdown by climbing our Leaderboard of top ranked players? This is the official Leaderboard Ranking Methodology (last updated November 3, 2014).


To get ranked on the Leaderboard, you need to earn points playing Fantasy Throwdown. The Leaderboard shows games played, wins, losses and win percentage, but it is the next column – total points – that determine where each player ranks relative to other players. The more points earned the better.

There are two different types of points players can earn. The first are Game Points, earned by playing games of Fantasy Throwdown. The second are Achievement Points, which are essentially bonus points for winning or placing in a League, Tournament, Showdown or other special event on the Fantasy Throwdown calendar.

While not an official policy, the Leaderboard may be subject to one or more midseason resets at the discretion of Fantasy Throwdown. One example of this was in 2013 as shown in the history links at the bottom of this page.

Game Points

Game Points are the primary way to earn points towards your Leaderboard ranking. They are earned for all games played at Fantasy Throwdown, whether the games are for cash stakes or not, and whether they are part of a special event or not. The games must be completed and scored. All other games are ignored from these calculations.

There are conditions each player must meet to earn any game points, including a minimum number of games played, and a minimum number of different opponents that player has faced in the time span the points and Leaderboard ranking relates to.

The minimum number of games played is an average of 2.5 per week. A player doesn’t have to play every week, but if the Leaderboard ranking spans, for example, 3 weeks, then that player must have played at least 7.5 (2.5 * 3 = 7.5, rounded to 8) games over the three weeks to earn game points.

The minimum number of different opponents a player has faced is an average of 1 per week. Following the above example, a player must have faced at least 3 different opponents in his 8 or more games through 3 weeks to earn game points.

Once these two conditions are met, then game points are awarded as follows:

  • 0.5 points per game played to a maximum of 2.5 points per week*
  • 2 points per win for the first 5 wins per week**
  • 1 point per win for games won beyond 5 per week
  • -1 point per loss, no limit

* This is based on average games played, so if a person played zero in Week 10 but ten in Week 11, then they earn the full 5 points available over the two weeks. There is some catch-up ability in that respect.

** As with games played, this is average wins per week.

The game points formula is not complicated, but understand that you can lose your game points if the two minimum requirement conditions are no longer met. However, you can quickly earn them back by playing and getting the conditions back onside.

Achievement Points

Achievement Points are earned for special achievements, primarily for winning or placing in special events such as official Fantasy Throwdown Leagues, Tournaments or Showdowns. Achievement points may also be awarded for other special events such as the Turkey Day Challenge, or NFL Playoffs Challenge. The points available are normally communicated when each special event is announced.

Achievements are shown on the Leaderboard after the total points using special event icons. Mousing over each icon on the Leaderboard shows the detailed points and specific achievement earned by that player represented by the icon. The most common icons are as follows:

Sword icon represents winning a Throwdown Showdown, typically worth 2.5 points.

Medal is for winning or placing in a Throwdown Tournament. These vary in points depending on the tournament.

Trophy is earned for winning or placing in a Throwdown League. These also vary in points.

Unlike game points, there are no minimum requirements to earn achievement points. If a player has not met the minimum requirements to earn game points, then they can still rank on the Leaderboard based on their achievement points earned.

Also, unlike game points, achievement points are not adjusted to zero for the current season when the Leaderboard is subject to a midseason reset. A player’s achievement points and icons earned on the Leaderboard carry through for an entire NFL season.

Top 100

The Leaderboard shows the Top 100 players since the last reset, which is from the start of the NFL season unless otherwise indicated. In the event there are not 100 players who earned any game points or achievement points, then the Leaderboard shows the top ranked players based on points, plus the next best players in order from highest to lowest based on wins.


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