Throwdown Tournaments

S h a r e :

medal_110x110Tournaments are larger scale, elimination competitions, with players split into groups, each attempting to advance from their group through a bracket to the Championship.

Tournaments are usually run over a consecutive two, three or four week span, depending on the number of players involved. Tournaments are the toughest competitions to win given the larger field, and hence offer the most reward.


  • 16 player, 2-week event
  • Round 1, 3-game round robin
  • Top 2 advance from each Round 1 group
  • $10 and FREE entry levels
  • Starts when full


A $10 entry fee Tournament pays $80 for 1st place (A-side Champion), a $40 for 2nd place (A-side) and $24 for 3rd place (B-side Champion). A free entry fee Tournament prize is $10 for 1st place (A-side Champion) and $5 for 2nd place (B-side Champion). Official Fantasy Throwdown t-shirts (XL or 2XL) also available as alternate prizes.

Tournament winners (1st, 2nd, 3rd) also receive the medal icon and achievement bonus points of 10, 5 and 2.5 respectively, towards their Leaderboard ranking.

We are currently taking signups for 16-player tournaments. If a 16-player tournament is unable to fill, then we may initiate a tournament with a 12-player field, payouts reduced accordingly.


A 16-player tournament lasts two weeks, or two rounds. Players are split into four groups of four. Each group plays a round robin in their group, with each group winner, based on head-to-head record, advancing to the championship round the following week.

The four players in the championship group play another round robin, with the group winner taking the crown.

Second place finishers in each group from round one also advance to a separate, similarly run, B-side championship.

Lineups and Scoring

Unless otherwise specified for a particular Tournament, the lineup for all games is 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF. The scoring is performance +1 PPR.


In the event of a tie in won-loss record between two teams in a group, then the first tie-breaker is head-to-head result between the two teams. The winner of the group match finishes higher in the standings. If the two teams tied their head-to-head game, then total group points for minus points against (points differential) for each team is used as a second tie-breaker.

If there is a tie in won-loss record between three teams in the group, then the tie-breaker is total group points for minus points against (points differential) for each team that is tied.

Incomplete Drafts

If a draft is not complete for a game in the Showdown, then a judgement will be made if one individual is more responsible than the other for the draft finishing incomplete. If it is decided one individual was more responsible, then that person receives a forfeit loss and -10 points differential, and their opponent receives a win and +10 points differential for the game in the group standings.

If it cannot be clearly decided that one individual was more responsible than the other for the incomplete draft, then the game will be scored as a tie in the group standings.

At the discretion of Fantasy Throwdown, a Tournament draft that is incomplete but almost finished can be completed by Throwdown admin on Monday or Tuesday, and then scored, following the NFL results for the week. Every attempt will be made to add players to finish the draft that does not swing the expected outcome of the game from the originally drafted players.

Early Games

It is strongly suggested to not include early games, such as Thursday Night Football, in your Tournament games unless both players in the match agree in advance they can complete the draft prior to opening kickoff of the earliest game in the Tournament group play.

Starting Week

A Tournament will start and play for the current week of the NFL season if it fills on or prior to Saturday. A Showdown will carry over and start the following week of the NFL season if it fills after Saturday of the current week.

If a member is signed up for a Tournament and later realizes they will be unable to complete their drafts, then please contact Fantasy Throwdown as soon as possible to make arrangements to avoid forfeiting games.


Tournament results are posted after all games are final. Individual game results, and group standings as a result of those individual games, are subject to the same stat change rules as described in our terms of service.