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[Edit: Originally published Dec. 2; Updated Dec. 4 for Turkey Day Challenge results and PDW Challenge Finals]

I was originally thinking Turkey Day Challenge III and Throwdown-Showdown results on Monday, a much needed housekeeping catch-all post on Tuesday. However it appears we have challenges in both events using the New Orleans Saints at Seattle Seahawks tilt on Monday Night Football. So lets flip it and start with the housekeeping to clean things up around here.

We Have T-Shirts

The long awaited t-shirts finally arrived this week! Now I have a big box in my office that we need to clean out. Many of you are owed shirts from winning tournaments and leagues, or finishing at the top of the Leaderboard for at least one week.

Limit 1 shirt per person. No need to outfit laoch with a shirt for Monday to Saturday and twice on Sunday! We have black shirts and athletic gray shirts. The people listed below earned shirts for their 2013 Throwdown accomplishments to date. Expect an email shortly so you can send me your mailing address, shirt size and color preference.

  • Butkiss – Big Time League Champ; Big Time Tourney Top Group; #1 Leaderboard Rank Weeks 2, 3, 4
  • Fantasytaz – Big Time Tourney Champ
  • jeffNFL – Turkey Day Challenge
  • Jessect6 – Turkey Day Challenge
  • j0eo1s – PFF Experts Tourney A-Champ
  • laoch – Big Time Tourney Champ; Big Time Tourney Top Group; #1 Leaderboard Rank Weeks 5, 7, 8, 9, 11
  • patwat – Big Time Tourney Top Group
  • Peppy_Pants – Big Time League Runner-up; ABT Experts Tourney A-Champ
  • rhazes_darkk – DLF Experts Tourney A-Champ; PDW Challenge Champ
  • tttimmyg – Article contributions
  • tonyburtt – FBG Experts Tourney A-Champ; #1 Leaderboard Rank Week 12
  • Wilforkisland – Turkey Day Challenge Champ

Random Draw Winners

We finished up our You vs. FF Experts Tourneys last week, and in case you didn’t read the fine print, if any of our experts won a tournament they participated in, then the prize that would normally go to them is randomly drawn amongst our members who played in that tournament. That included Throwdown account credits, and prizes donated from some of our tourney sponsors. As I tell people after I’ve had a good Throwdown week, it is better to be lucky than good. Without further adieu, the following are our lucky random draw winners.

  • Dynasty League Football Tourney A consolation (won by expert scott.peak) prize goes to . . . Bigchief37
  • Fantasy Sharks Tourney A Champ (won by pseudo-expert Mike) prize goes to . . . Rick

Best of Throwdown

No one here wants to hear this, but the NFL season is winding down. We are open for business all the way through the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, but before that we want to recognize the best of the best amongst our Throwdown players with a special invite-only tournament.

Best of Throwdown runs NFL Week 15 through 17. That can be a busy time around the holidays, but I’m confident these diehards will be up for the challenge in this opportunity to be crowned the first ever Best of Throwdown Champion. The following people already earned one of the coveted spots, plus there are still a few available to be decided this week.

  1. Butkiss – #1 Leaderboard Rank
  2. Fantasytaz – Big Time Tourney Champ
  3. j0eo1s – PFF Experts Tourney A-Champ
  4. laoch – Big Time Tourney Champ; #1 Leaderboard Rank
  5. Mike – Big Time Tourney 3rd Place; Fantasy Sharks Experts Tourney Champ; Turkey Day Challenge 2nd Place; #1 Leaderboard Rank
  6. Peppy_Pants – ABT Experts Tourney A-Champ
  7. PFF_RossMiles – Throwdown-Showdown multiple winner
  8. rhazes_darkk – DLF Experts Tourney A-Champ
  9. tttimmyg – Throwdown-Showdown multiple winner
  10. tonyburtt – FBG Experts Tourney A-Champ; #1 Leaderboard Rank
  11. Wilforkisland – Turkey Day Challenge Champ
  12. – TBD
  13. – TBD
  14. – TBD
  15. – TBD
  16. – TBD

We have so many amazing players it is very tough to pick just 16, but I believe this is the format we’re going to go with for a rock’em sock’em elimination winner-take-all tournament to finish the regular season. As for the TBD spots, I have some ideas who is going to fill those. I’ll communicate that after I work out the details.

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5 Responses to “T-Shirts! Random Draw Winners! Best of Throwdown!”

  1. AJgravity says:

    Yes, I am in!

  2. Mike says:

    In? You mean in for the qualifier? Cool. Respond to my email and I’ll try to keep everything straight over there.

  3. louislipps says:

    I’m in.

  4. ljs44 says:

    I’m in

  5. Mike says:

    You know, you guys aren’t exactly following instructions very well ;)

    But, let me go through my email and get your qualifier games set up.

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