Turkey Day Competition Results

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raptors is our inaugural Turkey Day Champ! Congrats!

He just barely sniped MtgProHammer for the honor scoring an even 100 points for his achievements and awards in official Throwdown Turkey Day challenges as outlined in our Turkey Day Competition for Thanksgiving last week. MtgProHammer scored 99 points, just one behind. DLFootball finished third with 84.5, FBGWILL fourth with 74 and Matt fifth with 61 points.

One thing raptors proved, is you didn’t have to play the most games to finish at the top of the results. He played 17 games, which was less than our second (36), third (33) and fourth (23) place finishers.

What set raptors apart was an impressive 12 wins in his 17 games. Plus, drafting Aaron Rodgers 16 times earned him a big bonus for drafting the player with the longest passing TD for the day. He also scored points by initiating 11 challenges, heavily drafting two of our “mystery” players – Kevin Smith and Jordy Nelson – plus 5 point awards for lowest margin of victory, highest team score and lowest combined score.

MtgProHammer won only 9 of his 36 challenges, which is way off his historical win percentage (I know how he feels). He decided to forego Aaron Rodgers is many of his challenges drafting him only twice, which wasn’t a bad plan since Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo were not far off Rodgers in fantasy points, but it cost Hammer in the longest passing TD bonus. Hammer was part of the largest round robin group and earned that bonus. Others in that group were DLFootball, EyeoftheGator, jrnall2 and RoadWarrior.

Overall our Turkey Day Competition was a big success. There were 210 qualifying Turkey Day games, played by 126 different Throwdown players. It took some time to tabulate the results! Now I have the queries in place it should be somewhat faster next year, although I never did figure out the “Best use of the Block” award, so no one scored points for that.

Another category that scored nil points was longest rushing TD. No one drafted Keiland Williams to earn points for his 19 yard scamper into the end zone, even in the handful of “bench only” challenges some people initiated. Also, none of our mystery players, James Starks being the other to go along with Smith and Nelson, scored a TD, so individual achievements #13, #15 and #17 were nil across the board.

Although my own Thanksgiving Day win-loss record was poor at 3-11 (yikes, hurts to type that), I did set out to hit as many different achievements as possible, and in the end I earned points in 13 achievements and awards. That was the most of anyone, earning me 5 bonus points. raptors and ShanePHallam each had points in 12 different categories, and four different people earned points in 10 categories.

Check the complete results table, and below are the top 30 finishers. I posted some detailed stats in the forum over the weekend if you want to check my work. Note on the awards such as margin of victory, points were awarded for each of the different scoring and lineup options.

1. raptors 100
2. MtgProHammer 99
3. DLFootball 84.5
5. Matt 61
6. Mike 54.5
7. Butkiss 49.5
8. EyeoftheGator 37
9. ShanePHallam 36.5
10. Gramtasm 33.5
11. jrnall2 32.5
12. vote4parag 29
13. laoch 28
14. @DR_FNP 25.5
15. FFB_Guru 25
16. RoadWarrior 24.5
17. rabidbucfan 23
18. Scott Kuff 22
19. guybroadway 21.5
20. JLsullivan 20.5
21. kcchiefs15 20
22. bsanders_06 19
23. Airbus79 18.5
24. fridayfrenzy 18
25. Brunotr 17.5
26. robmcangus 17.5
27. Woodsy 16
28. KevinShockey 15.5
29. Losperros 15.5
30. ohaganmd 15

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Thanksgiving Day event!

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