DLF #PlayingForSteaks League Updates, Standings

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This post is for game and standings updates all season for the Dynasty League Football #PlayingForSteaks Staff League. This league started when I simply suggested on Twitter that members of DLF staff should play a Fantasy Throwdown league. I agreed to update the league weekly, but left it to them if they wanted to play for stakes. Ken mentioned steaks, and now they are literally playing for steaks (and maybe even a blooming onion). Here are our league members:

Derek Willett

Eric Dickens

Ken Moody

Jarret Behar

Karl Safchick

Ryan McDowell

Scott Peak


This is an 8-person league with a regular season played Weeks 11-17 of the NFL season and Championship played the first week of the NFL Playoffs, Wild-Card Weekend. This league is similar format as the PDW Throwdown Challenge and Big Time Throwdown League. The following unique weekly conditions or quirks are in play for this league:

Week 11: Opening week, good luck
Week 12: “Bottom of the Barrel” – Bench players only (per Throwdown depth chart)
Week 13: QB included in flex
Week 14: “Lucky Losers” – Must use games with worst combined NFL record, TBD
Week 15: Dual flex, and QB included in flex
Week 16: “Dynasty Watch!” – Only draft players w/ 0-2 years NFL experience*
Week 17: Championship matches next week

Wild-Card: Championship Week

* Rookies or players in their 2nd or 3rd season in the NFL. We’ve never done this before but it seemed a perfect fit for this crew.

* On second thought, I’ve got a better idea. #RaceToTheBottom

Okay, thats it for intro. On to the weekly updates and standings.

Latest Twitter Trash Talk

Last Week’s Results (NFL Week 17)

Final regular season week! And man, did we have a logjam in the standings to finally decide our Top 2. DereksDaycare already locked up top spot. EyeoftheGator controlled his own destiny holding a one game advantage over a troop of five players. If he won both of his games this week, our Championship match is set. If he didn’t, one of the five trailers needed to win both of their games and hope for the best in the tie-breakers. Lets get on with the show and see how this shook out.

EyeoftheGator 129.3
DereksDaycare 83.15

scott.peak 91.05
KarlSafchick 75.65

TheFFGhost DNF
dlf_kenm DNF

DLFootball 102.9
RyanMc23 53.35

scott.peak 110.75
EyeoftheGator 115.8

DLFootball 111.15
KarlSafchick 93.65

dlf_kenm 97.85
RyanMc23 69.15

DereksDaycare 90
TheFFGhost 91.25


W L PF/G   PA/G Dif  
1. DereksDaycare 10 4 90.0 78.3 11.7
2. EyeoftheGator 9 5 91.7 86.1 5.6
3. TheFFGhost 8 6 87.8 85.6 2.2
4. DLFootball 8 6 79.4 86.9 -7.5
5. scott.peak 7 7 93.6 88.5 5.1
6. RyanMc23 6 8 81.9 87.4 -5.5
7. KarlSafchick 6 8 84.9 86.2 -1.3
8. dlf_kenm 2 12 64.8 75.1 -10.3

EyeoftheGator won both of his matches! So much for drama figuring out multi-team tie-breakers. TheFFGhost and DLFootball did all they could to catch up each going 2-0, but it wasn’t enough. KarlSafchick finished ahead of RyanMc23 in points differential but the first tie-breaker is head-to-head, and it appears Ryan went 2-0 over Karl during the season, so he edged him for 6th spot in the standings. Karl finished 7th.

This Week (Championship)

DereksDaycare vs. EyeoftheGator for the all the steaks!

They will play a best-of-three competition this week, with just four playoff games on the schedule, we’ll see who knows their playoff teams and who can take advantage to win this inaugural league title.

Lineup is the same as last week, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE, 1 DEF. PPR scoring.

I had initially set out we would do single game, 3rd vs. 4th, 5th vs. 6th and 7th vs. 8th games for bragging rights. Given the holiday in the middle of this week, I’ll hit each pair up on Twitter to see if they want to play. No worries either way.




Good luck in Championship Week!

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2 Responses to “DLF #PlayingForSteaks League Updates, Standings”

  1. Mike says:

    I’m going to hold off putting the Week 12 games up for a little bit. I want to roll through the depth charts again since these are all-bench challenges, and I don’t want to make it too easy for you guys!

  2. dlf_kenm says:

    No steaks for me, one year!!

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