And… We’re… Back! Welcome!

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Finally we’re back! That did take a little longer for us to open the doors for the 2013 NFL Season than planned, but we are ready to roll now. The time has come to start playing the best dang fantasy football game on the planet – Fantasy Throwdown!

If you’re new around these parts, Fantasy Throwdown is lumped in under that not very catchy umbrella term used by fantasy players, daily / weekly fantasy sports, even though some of us have played Throwdown since before that term even existed. What that term means is our game breaks down a typical fantasy league from a full season competition to a one day or one week event.

For Fantasy Throwdown specifically, we felt it important to keep our game as close to traditional fantasy football as possible, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of it being reduced down to a single NFL week at a time. When you play Fantasy Throwdown, you get:

  • Head-to-head competition against a single opponent
  • Pick style draft – the best part of fantasy football – to build your team
  • Skill based game due to limited player pool for the draft

The benefits are huge for guys and gals who love fantasy football, but find it tough as our lives get busier to keep up with the grind of a full season league. One Throwdown match does not take very long at all. You can challenge a friend, they accept, then get started and finish the draft all inside 10 minutes if both people are online together. Or stretch it out over the week as long as you get the draft done before the first NFL game in your challenge.

Make sure to check the Tutorial and Rules under the “How to Play” link near the bottom of every Throwdown page.

On busy weeks, play just once or take a week off. On less busy weeks, play a half dozen times or more. Find the fit that works for you. Regardless of how many times you play, you will know you are playing fantasy football. Also known as the Greatest. Hobby. Ever.

Then sit back, enjoy the games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, and check back in to see your points scored and if you beat your opponent. Or just wait for us to email the results. Win or lose, come on back the next week to keep the streak alive or get redemption! We’re going to play Throwdown from Week 1 of the NFL season all the way through to the Super Bowl!

Its a fun time, and this is going to be our most excellent season yet! Welcome, or welcome back! Now lets Throwdown!

4 Responses to “And… We’re… Back! Welcome!”

  1. Airbus79 says:

    Looks like we don’t have IDP this year, correct?

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Airbus. Thanks for being the first comment for the 2013 season! IDP is there and better than before. Switch DEF to zero and you’ll see the options. You can specify DL, LB, DB and D-Flex this year. I’ve got a draft post about the lineup options I’m not quite finished yet, but hope to have it up soon.

  3. Mike says:

    BTW, at my daughter’s soccer tournament, so I’ll get back to your challenge you sent me when I can. Still not that easy on the phone. Or maybe I need a better phone.

  4. Airbus79 says:

    No hurry Mike. Thanks for the tip on finding IDP’s. I absolutely love the lineup flexibility this year. I am a huge fan of start 2 qb ffl’s and play in two 2 start qb dynasty leagues so you’ll see me sending out plenty of challenges with 2 starting qbs. ;)

    I still have hard time drafting from my iPhone and my other friends have the same issue on their smartphones too so you are not alone.

    Thanks for bringing FT back for another year!

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