Reason to Watch the Pro Bowl?

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The number one guy on our Leaderboard, patwat, said to me last night at our soccer game, “Mike, you should add the Pro Bowl into Throwdown.” Well… I don’t know… would it give some reason to watch the Pro Bowl? Or even if not watch it, half check the scores and stats later?

We don’t really seem to know what to do with ourselves with this extra week off before the Super Bowl, and for the sake of an hour or so of my time getting it set up, I figured, okay, what the heck. The rosters are in and I added it to the schedule in the database. You can now play Fantasy Throwdown for the Pro Bowl.

It works just like the Super Bowl matches. There is only one game on the schedule, so after a challenge is accepted you skip right to the draft. Since it is possible to draft and block both kickers or both defenses, a third “nil points” kicker and defense is included that must be picked to avoid the draft getting stuck if those positions get blocked against you.

I only put in the offensive skill players, leaving out the individual defensive players. From what I’ve seen, no one tackles anyway, right? Do not create an IDP Pro Bowl challenge, or you will get stuck.

To play Throwdown for the Pro Bowl, issue a challenge like you always would, but in the NFL Week drop down, change “Super Bowl” to “Pro Bowl”. Challenges will appear as week 25 in your Game Manager (Super Bowl is week 24). The game is on Sunday at 7:00pm Eastern, so challenges can be completed right up until that time.

Play Fantasy Throwdown for the Pro Bowl. At least for this year. The NFL could very well scrap this thing as soon as next year. For now, it is here, so why not add some fantasy fun to it? Fantasy football doesn’t get much more lottery ticket-esque than this.

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  1. Scott Kuff says:

    This… this is brilliant.

  2. Terminalkennedy says:


  3. Mike says:

    Okay, it was my idea then :)

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