Playoffs Tourney Super Bowl Group Assignments

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Final round of our NFL Playoffs Tournament! And unfortunately – but obviously – final chance to play Fantasy Throwdown before we close the books on the 2012-2013 season. Thanks again for another great year. We’ve got a good thing going here, and we’ll continue to work to improve the website and the game for 2013.

If you are reading this and confused about the tournament (i.e. you aren’t in the tourney), not to worry. You can still play Fantasy Throwdown this week and next for the Super Bowl. Just register or login, and then issue a challenge to a friend and get started.

It is a very shallow player pool to draft from this week with only two teams to choose players from, and not exceptionally deep teams either in terms of offensive skill positions. Watch out for that block at QB if you pass on the position with the 1.01 pick! Note that because of the potential for your opponent to draft and then block the only two kickers or team defenses available, then you must pick the zero points / stand-in kicker of defense to fill your roster and complete the draft.

Okay, the tourney overall standings through three rounds are in. Scott Kuff took over the #1 overall spot just edging out CP78, who held the #1 spot through rounds 1 and 2. They’ll get to duke it out again this round in Group A. Here are the rest of the standings and group assignments:

NFL Playoffs Tournament Overall Standings,
Post-Conference Championships

Tournament games are already in your Game Manager, so check them out and get your drafts done before the Big Game. Good luck!

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