Playoffs Tourney Divisional Group Assignments

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Wild-Card Weekend results are in, now it is time for the Divisional Round! As I’m sure all of you know, the NFL games on the schedule are:

Saturday January 12

  • Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos, 4:30 Eastern
  • Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers, 8:00

Sunday January 13

  • Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons, 1:00
  • Houston Texans at New England Patriots, 4:30

With four games on the schedule, we still have the “pick three NFL games” rule in place with a normal size player pool for all of our Fantasy Throwdown matches. Starting the following week, for the Conference Finals, the player pool gets smaller with only two games on the schedule.

The results for all of our groups from the Wild-Card Round were mixed up to form our current NFL Playoffs Tournament overall standings, which also forms the groups for this round. Players ranked overall 1 through 5 are Group A for the Divisional Round, players ranked 6 through 10 are Group B, 11 through 15 are Group C, and so on and so forth.

As mentioned in our last post with the Wild-Card results, even if you aren’t high on the overall rankings right now, does not mean you can’t fight your way back to the top. Here are the overall standings after Round 1 and group assignments for Round 2:

NFL Playoffs Tourney Overall Standings

NFL Playoffs Tourney Overall Standings,
Wild-Card Round

The Throwdown matches are set for this round. Check your Game Manager, and good luck!

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