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You can play fantasy football every week of the NFL playoffs, including the Super Bowl, at Fantasy Throwdown.

NFL Playoffs are here! The Washington Redskins finished off the Dallas Cowboys last night to lock up the division and finalize the seeds for the playoffs. Now there are just twelve teams competing for the Lombardi Trophy awarded to the winner of Super Bowl XLVII (a.k.a. Super Bowl 47).

The start of the NFL Playoffs doesn’t mean fantasy football season is over for those of us addicted to predicting player performance and converting real world stats to pretend points, all for the sake of bragging rights over our equally addicted brethren. Consider this a second season from the grind of regular season fantasy football, and Fantasy Throwdown is the place to play NFL Playoff fantasy football.

We play from Wild-Card Weekend right through to the Super Bowl. You still pick three of the four available games for your challenge this week and next, the Divisional Playoffs. For the final two playoff rounds, the Conference Finals and Super Bowl, the player pool is fixed, but obviously just a little smaller.

The schedule is in for Wild-Card Weekend, so go ahead and get some challenges going right now if you like.

Tournament Sign Up

In addition to Throwdown games against opponents of your choosing, make sure to sign up for our last special event of this NFL season, our NFL Playoffs Competition.

Last year we had 30 players split into groups of 5 for the opening round, Wild-Card Weekend, playing a round robin against their group. The following week, players are shuffled into new groups with the top ranked finishers from the opening round facing each other, next best against next best, and so on and so forth.

Everyone plays every week of the playoffs, all the way to the Super Bowl! Tournament games will be scheduled and specially marked in your Game Manager. All games use the Team Defense lineup and PPR scoring options.

At this point, we just need players to sign up for the tourney! Register an account if you haven’t already, or login and sign up in our Site News or Forum. Once we have 15 or 20 willing participants, we will start forming groups and scheduling the opening round matches.

The earlier in the week we get started the better. The first playoff game kicks off Saturday January 5th at 4:30pm Eastern.

Get in the tourney! Tell your friends about NFL Playoff fantasy football at Fantasy Throwdown! Have a Happy New Year!

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29 Responses to “NFL Playoffs Fantasy Fix + Tourney Sign Up”

  1. unstable says:

    Can I play?

  2. Grindstone says:

    Definitely in, thanks for keeping the FF goodness rolling!

  3. @unstable – Of course Bob!

  4. Terminalkennedy says:

    I am in to win :)

  5. djreese5 says:

    I am in

  6. Scott Kuff says:

    I’m in.

  7. robshell says:

    Worst winning percentage in the top 35 of the leaderboard….you know i’m in!!

  8. TheKommish says:

    I’m in.

  9. TheApemanCometh says:

    In. Do i need to register elsewhere or will this suffice?

  10. @TheApemanCometh This is good. More instructions forthcoming after I set up the groups

  11. rich1978 says:

    Me too please compadre…

  12. Losperros says:

    Losperros would like to be in too please.

  13. Jessect6 says:

    I am in

  14. Peppy_Pants says:

    Alright, I just registered and need to figure out how to get started. Thanks Taz! This may help fend off the Fantasy withdraw for a bit.

  15. @Peppy_Pants Welcome, thanks for signing up. I think you’ll find the game pretty easy to figure out. Just watch out for the Block! I’ll add you to the tourney. Those games will be scheduled and added soon. In the meantime, playing a game or two or three against anyone will help you get up to speed. If you have any questions let me know.

  16. stauqmuk says:

    I’m down to play, maybe this will get my 40 point superbowl loss to stop playing back in my head at night.

  17. Peppy_Pants says:

    Thanks! I think the Block is gonna take me a bit to figure out.

  18. atcdav says:

    im late but im in if there is still room

  19. No problem. I’m going to create another group tonight.

  20. Airbus79 says:

    If there is a spot open, please count me in.

  21. Okay Airbus, I got your note and we’ll work on another group. You and patwat are next up. I’ll work on getting three more.

  22. chopinopus52 says:

    Count me in.

  23. @chopinopus52 Sorry Mark, we’re full up at this point. If anyone drops out next week I’ll add you in.

  24. dcp595959 says:

    If there is a spot open, please count me in.

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