Playoffs Tourney Conference Championship Round Game Results

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Conference Championships were a different animal than the Divisional Playoffs. Quarterbacks were racking up big points last week, but all four were pretty similar this week, and the consensus #1 QB for the week, Tom Brady, actually finished fourth in fantasy points output at his position. If you started with Brady, and even worse, blocked Eli Manning, you could have been in trouble as your opponent countered with either Joe Flacco or Alex Smith.

Counter-point: Even a Brady + Block Eli (or vice versa) strategy, could have kept you in the black if your opponent had Ray Rice while you drafted two of Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. All three did considerably better than Rice.

At TE, the big difference maker was once against Vernon Davis. He trumped Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, who both had nice games but didn’t find the end zone while Davis hit pay dirt twice. Victor Cruz had a big game in our point-per-reception scoring while Michael Crabtree was nearly invisible, so if one of your WR starters came down to that decision, it was a big swing vote in the outcome.

The lack of as many individual big scores this week resulted in some closer matches overall in our Fantasy Throwdown NFL Playoffs Tourney, like RyanMc23 over raptors by 0.75 in Group A, davestake over @BNQuinlan by 1.05 also in Group A, or BuffaloMudwings over Fantasytaz by just 0.25 in Group C!

Finally someone knocked off FFootball247365 to tarnish his perfect record, as @BNQuinlan got a decisive win there, but that was FFootball247365′s only loss. He’s still going to be on top of the overall rankings, finishing first in his group for the third straight week. Here are all the game results from the Conference Championships round of our tourney, and the group results are in a separate post.

P3-A1vA2: FFootball247365 114.10 vs. RyanMc23 105.05
P3-A1vA3: FFootball247365 100.75 vs. raptors 91.90
P3-A4vA1: @BNQuinlan 120.10 vs. FFootball247365 95.15
P3-A5vA1: davestake 108.20 vs. FFootball247365 118.75
P3-A2vA3: RyanMc23 93.15 vs. raptors 92.40
P3-A2vA4: RyanMc23 93.15 vs. @BNQuinlan 119.40
P3-A5vA2: davestake 95.40 vs. RyanMc23 101.85
P3-A3vA4: raptors 101.90 vs. @BNQuinlan 88.75
P3-A3vA5: raptors 89.95 vs. davestake 113.00
P3-A4vA5: @BNQuinlan 113.65 vs. davestake 114.70

P3-B1vB2: jrnall2 82.55 vs. MtgProHammer 103.90
P3-B1vB3: jrnall2 93.55 vs. NLSMike 125.70
P3-B4vB1: Mike 109.90 vs. jrnall2 101.55
P3-B5vB1: pff_alex 89.05 vs. jrnall2 106.30
P3-B2vB3: MtgProHammer 112.75 vs. NLSMike 118.20
P3-B2vB4: MtgProHammer 104.55 vs. Mike 94.00
P3-B5vB2: pff_alex 89.75 vs. MtgProHammer 116.20
P3-B3vB4: NLSMike 113.90 vs. Mike 119.80
P3-B3vB5: NLSMike 97.80 vs. pff_alex 96.85
P3-B4vB5: Mike 91.35 vs. pff_alex 102.70

P3-C1vC2: Matt 99.00 vs. BuffaloMudwings 102.15
P3-C1vC3: Matt 122.30 vs. laoch 86.15
P3-C4vC1: Fantasytaz 105.20 vs. Matt 100.35
P3-C5vC1: Scott Kuff 90.65 vs. Matt 115.70
P3-C2vC3: BuffaloMudwings 115.25 vs. laoch 111.10
P3-C2vC4: BuffaloMudwings 102.35 vs. Fantasytaz 102.10
P3-C5vC2: Scott Kuff 102.40 vs. BuffaloMudwings 111.75
P3-C3vC4: laoch 106.80 vs. Fantasytaz 97.65
P3-C3vC5: laoch 103.15 vs. Scott Kuff 118.10
P3-C4vC5: Fantasytaz 87.90 vs. Scott Kuff 114.75

P3-D1vD2: Maury_Morris 113.80 vs. Losperros 99.75
P3-D1vD3: Maury_Morris 78.55 vs. EyeoftheGator 132.30
P3-D4vD1: mschauf63 113.00 vs. Maury_Morris 78.55
P3-D5vD1: patwat 88.90 vs. Maury_Morris 120.65
P3-D2vD3: Losperros 124.25 vs. EyeoftheGator 94.90
P3-D2vD4: Losperros 99.85 vs. mschauf63 93.40
P3-D5vD2: patwat 95.90 vs. Losperros 112.55
P3-D3vD4: EyeoftheGator 116.20 vs. mschauf63 86.55
P3-D3vD5: EyeoftheGator 109.55 vs. patwat 96.90
P3-D4vD5: mschauf63 96.95 vs. patwat 114.00

P3-E1vE2: DLFootball 112.30 vs. Noank Isototes 106.95
P3-E1vE3: DLFootball 104.30 vs. jimpemba777 99.45
P3-E4vE1: RoadWarrior 109.55 vs. DLFootball 94.90
P3-E5vE1: FBGWILL 106.65 vs. DLFootball 103.50
P3-E2vE3: Noank Isototes DNF vs. jimpemba777 DNF *
P3-E2vE4: Noank Isototes 84.35 vs. RoadWarrior 138.80
P3-E5vE2: FBGWILL 107.75 vs. Noank Isototes 103.70
P3-E3vE4: jimpemba777 89.75 vs. RoadWarrior 102.00
P3-E3vE5: jimpemba777 98.25 vs. FBGWILL 105.90
P3-E4vE5: RoadWarrior 101.70 vs. FBGWILL 109.85

* Noank Isototes awarded the win in this incomplete match based on a judge’s ruling

P3-F1vF2: Airbus79 115.80 vs. Widereceiving 99.75
P3-F1vF3: Airbus79 118.30 vs. wmagnum1 105.80
P3-F4vF1: Rick 111.50 vs. Airbus79 92.15
P3-F5vF1: EasyRider 111.55 vs. Airbus79 89.90
P3-F2vF3: Widereceiving 124.40 vs. wmagnum1 91.35
P3-F2vF4: Widereceiving 107.85 vs. Rick 111.70
P3-F5vF2: EasyRider 92.15 vs. Widereceiving 92.40
P3-F3vF4: wmagnum1 96.00 vs. Rick 122.55
P3-F3vF5: wmagnum1 73.00 vs. EasyRider 112.55
P3-F4vF5: Rick 114.70 vs. EasyRider 91.15

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