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Here is a copy of the newsletter sent out to all members on our mailing list who played at least one game during the past season.

Has the dust finally settled from the Super Bowl? It is taking longer with this one than most, and certainly left memories as strong as Kevin Dyson tackled at the 1-yard line. Or dare I say (and date myself, and cringe), “wide right”?

Moving past the big game discussion, this is my final update of the 2014-15 NFL and Fantasy Throwdown season. I simply wanted to say more than anything, thanks for playing!

We had a fun year, especially with our core group of loyal players who participated in numerous special events including regular Throwdown Showdowns, Tournaments, one 8-week League, plus the annual Turkey Day Challenge and NFL Playoffs Challenge. If you want to go back and review results for all of these, check the Site News.

Congrats to member JeffNFL, who finished #1 overall on our second half Leaderboard! It was a tight race between Jeff, #2 Wilforkisland and #3 mikemar, with Jeff edging out his competition as the only player this season who earned four different achievement icons.

Normally we have a $10 minimum on withdrawals from your Fantasy Throwdown account. That restriction is currently lifted, so if you have a balance in your account, login and go to My Throwdown to submit a withdrawal request. You can withdraw to your PayPal account or by check in the mail.

Last but certainly not least, I hope to see you back playing again next year! The NFL Draftniks are already hard at work figuring out the next fantasy football superstars. Only about 7 months until you can draft them to your weekly Fantasy Throwdown teams. Thanks again, and enjoy the offseason!


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