Playoffs! Wild-Card Weekend to the Super Bowl

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You can play fantasy football every week of the NFL playoffs, including the Super Bowl, at Fantasy Throwdown.

That’s right folks, the NFL Playoffs are set to begin! In one sense, damn, the season went quick! What do you mean my fantasy leagues are done for another year? (Dynasty players excluded, of course.)

On the bright side, it is playoff time, the best games of the year. And we still have your fantasy fix, because you can play Fantasy Throwdown every week from here on out: Wild-Card Weekend (WC), Divisional Playoffs (DP), Conference Championships (CC) and the Super Bowl.

As you know, Throwdown typically requires three NFL games to form the player pool. There are four games for each of the WC and DP weeks, so we are good to go there. Everything runs as it did during the regular season. You and your Throwdown opponent will pick three of the four available games at the start of your challenge.

For the CC and Super Bowl (hope the NFL doesn’t come down hard on us for using “Super Bowl” instead of “The Big Game”), we are going to eliminate the three-game requirement, and – assuming the programmer doesn’t screw something up (a.k.a. yours truly) – Throwdown should skip the part about picking the games, and automatically insert both games during Championship week, or the one game for the Super Bowl.

Yes, the player pool is going to be reduced for those weeks. The Super Bowl in particular, you are only picking players from the one game. You know what we figured though? We figured, why not, let’s do it. We’d rather run Throwdown right through the Super Bowl and draft a little deeper, nabbing John Kuhn and Dennis Pitta, instead of just bowing out half-way through the NFL tourney.

The Block! Okay, obvious question about all this, is are we still playing with the Block during those later weeks with the reduced player pool? The answer, is yes. The Block is an integral strategic feature of Fantasy Throwdown, and since this our first year playing Throwdown through the Super Bowl, we want to keep the Block in play and see how it goes.

I expect a QB to get picked first in 98% of Throwdown matches during Super Bowl week, but so be it. We still want to see how using the Block with such limited options plays out. (And if you get Blocked from a starting QB, you can always hope for a John Kuhn half-back option.)

Tourney Time

We want to have a special Fantasy Throwdown event for the NFL Playoffs, similar to special events we ran for Thanksgiving and the tournaments in early December. I mean, it is the NFL Playoffs! We have to celebrate, and see who will be crowned the best Throwdown player through the month of January and first weekend of February, before we have no choice but to close up shop until next September.

As of right now, we want to collect names to know who wants to play NFL Playoff Fantasy Throwdown. Respond to this post, shoot me an email, or respond on Twitter or our Facebook page.

The format is going to be tournament style, with players randomly assigned to groups and playing 3-4 round robin games in their group, depending on our numbers. Win-loss record, and then head-to-head as first tie-breaker, point differential as the second tie-breaker, will determine the group winners.

We will not use elimination this tournament. The best of the best will play each other the following week, and the… uh… worst of the worst. We’ll have tiered rankings to determine our overall champions after the Super Bowl. I’m looking for 16, 32 or 40 players, or something in between (although something divisible by 4 or 5 would be great). Let me know who’s in.

And whether in the tourney or not, enjoy Fantasy Throwdown through the NFL Playoffs!

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  1. I’ll update the post here for everyone who is “in”. Via Twitter, before I even finished writing this update:


  2. NLSMike says:

    Your all going down….. But still wish you all good luck because its a new year 🙂

  3. Add:


  4. ScottKuff
    Noank Isototes (totesvegas on Twitter)

    That is 17 so far! We will start late Wed or Thu morning.

  5. Adding:


  6. jimpemba777 says:

    i will join

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  8. Cool Jim, you’re in. I’ll add your challenges shortly.

    That puts us at 25 – 5 groups of 5. I’ll continue to add groups of 5 for those who want in through tomorrow.

    @tonybetts on Twitter wants in. Not sure if he already has Throwdown handle or not.

  9. Should have another group of 5 in relatively short order. Next in line are:


    If tony checks in (prior post), I’ll even kick this group off with the challenges between the three players to start, and then add the other two mystery players as they show up.

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  11. Gale says:

    I’d like to get in if you are thinking about adding another group. If it doesn’t happen no worries.

  12. Hi Gale. Probably too late to get another group together, both in terms of recruiting enough other people and getting the drafts done before tomorrow. Sorry. If people drop out next week, we can switch you in for one of them.

  13. JLsullivan says:

    I would love to get in on this if it is not too late

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