Cleaning Out My Locker, See You Next Season

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Post-Super Bowl, marking the end of the season, does have this uneasy cleaning out my locker, goodbye, and see you when I see you feel to it. We’re not a sports team exactly, but I feel like we’ve started to build a very cool community of fantasy football players here, so it does make me a bit sad we won’t be playing Throwdown, talking football and staying in touch each week like we have for the last 22 straight weeks. Our Twitter community is especially fun to banter back and forth and connect with some great people.

That said, I am EXCITED for the future of Fantasy Throwdown. We did a lot of new things this year, and I learned a lot – some things the hard way which is par for the course. The new stuff that worked, we want to expand on those ideas to make them more brilliant next season. I also have a lot of new, untapped ideas, which will make for an even better experience for our players. All the while making sure we are true to the classic nature of our unique head-to-head fantasy football game. A game that fantasy football players, love playing.

background_football_guyI don’t want to promise too much here which is why I’m being vague, but some of the things we want to take to the next level in 2014 are our special events – leagues, tournaments and contests. These are always a big hit amongst players. We opened up Throwdown to allow people to play cash games in the middle of this past season, and that will be a focal point to help grow our community, while still keeping options open to play Throwdown for free. In terms of site design, at a minimum, I am pretty tired of this guy –>

For a last word on the 2013 season, THANK YOU for playing Fantasy Throwdown. I really appreciate your support of the website which continues to drive me to keep plugging away at it. I’m going to send one last email for the 2013 season to everyone who played this year through a service called Delighted that collects customer service feedback. It is a very simple one question survey which I would appreciate your response to. Signing off for the season, I look forward to refilling my locker and reconnecting next season. Cheers!

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  1. mikemar says:

    LOVE the Block feature! Maybe make an option where you can do anywhere from 0-2 blocks in any given game.
    Another feature that would be AWESOME, is a group thing, where I can get a bunch of my friends to join and have a group w/ overall standings within that group.
    And of course, being able to force start more than 2 TE’s! (just joking, 2 is enough)

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