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Playoffs Tourney Conference Championship Round Game Results

Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Conference Championships were a different animal than the Divisional Playoffs. Quarterbacks were racking up big points last week, but all four were pretty similar this week, and the consensus #1 QB for the week, Tom Brady, actually finished fourth in fantasy points output at his position. If you started with Brady, and even worse, blocked Eli Manning, you could have been in trouble as your opponent countered with either Joe Flacco or Alex Smith.

Counter-point: Even a Brady + Block Eli (or vice versa) strategy, could have kept you in the black if your opponent had Ray Rice while you drafted two of Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw and BenJarvus Green-Ellis. All three did considerably better than Rice.

At TE, the big difference maker was once against Vernon Davis. He trumped Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, who both had nice games but didn’t find the end zone while Davis hit pay dirt twice. Victor Cruz had a big game in our point-per-reception scoring while Michael Crabtree was nearly invisible, so if one of your WR starters came down to that decision, it was a big swing vote in the outcome.

The lack of as many individual big scores this week resulted in some closer matches overall in our Fantasy Throwdown NFL Playoffs Tourney, like RyanMc23 over raptors by 0.75 in Group A, davestake over @BNQuinlan by 1.05 also in Group A, or BuffaloMudwings over Fantasytaz by just 0.25 in Group C!

Finally someone knocked off FFootball247365 to tarnish his perfect record, as @BNQuinlan got a decisive win there, but that was FFootball247365′s only loss. He’s still going to be on top of the overall rankings, finishing first in his group for the third straight week. Here are all the game results from the Conference Championships round of our tourney, and the group results are in a separate post.

P3-A1vA2: FFootball247365 114.10 vs. RyanMc23 105.05
P3-A1vA3: FFootball247365 100.75 vs. raptors 91.90
P3-A4vA1: @BNQuinlan 120.10 vs. FFootball247365 95.15
P3-A5vA1: davestake 108.20 vs. FFootball247365 118.75
P3-A2vA3: RyanMc23 93.15 vs. raptors 92.40
P3-A2vA4: RyanMc23 93.15 vs. @BNQuinlan 119.40
P3-A5vA2: davestake 95.40 vs. RyanMc23 101.85
P3-A3vA4: raptors 101.90 vs. @BNQuinlan 88.75
P3-A3vA5: raptors 89.95 vs. davestake 113.00
P3-A4vA5: @BNQuinlan 113.65 vs. davestake 114.70

P3-B1vB2: jrnall2 82.55 vs. MtgProHammer 103.90
P3-B1vB3: jrnall2 93.55 vs. NLSMike 125.70
P3-B4vB1: Mike 109.90 vs. jrnall2 101.55
P3-B5vB1: pff_alex 89.05 vs. jrnall2 106.30
P3-B2vB3: MtgProHammer 112.75 vs. NLSMike 118.20
P3-B2vB4: MtgProHammer 104.55 vs. Mike 94.00
P3-B5vB2: pff_alex 89.75 vs. MtgProHammer 116.20
P3-B3vB4: NLSMike 113.90 vs. Mike 119.80
P3-B3vB5: NLSMike 97.80 vs. pff_alex 96.85
P3-B4vB5: Mike 91.35 vs. pff_alex 102.70

P3-C1vC2: Matt 99.00 vs. BuffaloMudwings 102.15
P3-C1vC3: Matt 122.30 vs. laoch 86.15
P3-C4vC1: Fantasytaz 105.20 vs. Matt 100.35
P3-C5vC1: Scott Kuff 90.65 vs. Matt 115.70
P3-C2vC3: BuffaloMudwings 115.25 vs. laoch 111.10
P3-C2vC4: BuffaloMudwings 102.35 vs. Fantasytaz 102.10
P3-C5vC2: Scott Kuff 102.40 vs. BuffaloMudwings 111.75
P3-C3vC4: laoch 106.80 vs. Fantasytaz 97.65
P3-C3vC5: laoch 103.15 vs. Scott Kuff 118.10
P3-C4vC5: Fantasytaz 87.90 vs. Scott Kuff 114.75

P3-D1vD2: Maury_Morris 113.80 vs. Losperros 99.75
P3-D1vD3: Maury_Morris 78.55 vs. EyeoftheGator 132.30
P3-D4vD1: mschauf63 113.00 vs. Maury_Morris 78.55
P3-D5vD1: patwat 88.90 vs. Maury_Morris 120.65
P3-D2vD3: Losperros 124.25 vs. EyeoftheGator 94.90
P3-D2vD4: Losperros 99.85 vs. mschauf63 93.40
P3-D5vD2: patwat 95.90 vs. Losperros 112.55
P3-D3vD4: EyeoftheGator 116.20 vs. mschauf63 86.55
P3-D3vD5: EyeoftheGator 109.55 vs. patwat 96.90
P3-D4vD5: mschauf63 96.95 vs. patwat 114.00

P3-E1vE2: DLFootball 112.30 vs. Noank Isototes 106.95
P3-E1vE3: DLFootball 104.30 vs. jimpemba777 99.45
P3-E4vE1: RoadWarrior 109.55 vs. DLFootball 94.90
P3-E5vE1: FBGWILL 106.65 vs. DLFootball 103.50
P3-E2vE3: Noank Isototes DNF vs. jimpemba777 DNF *
P3-E2vE4: Noank Isototes 84.35 vs. RoadWarrior 138.80
P3-E5vE2: FBGWILL 107.75 vs. Noank Isototes 103.70
P3-E3vE4: jimpemba777 89.75 vs. RoadWarrior 102.00
P3-E3vE5: jimpemba777 98.25 vs. FBGWILL 105.90
P3-E4vE5: RoadWarrior 101.70 vs. FBGWILL 109.85

* Noank Isototes awarded the win in this incomplete match based on a judge’s ruling

P3-F1vF2: Airbus79 115.80 vs. Widereceiving 99.75
P3-F1vF3: Airbus79 118.30 vs. wmagnum1 105.80
P3-F4vF1: Rick 111.50 vs. Airbus79 92.15
P3-F5vF1: EasyRider 111.55 vs. Airbus79 89.90
P3-F2vF3: Widereceiving 124.40 vs. wmagnum1 91.35
P3-F2vF4: Widereceiving 107.85 vs. Rick 111.70
P3-F5vF2: EasyRider 92.15 vs. Widereceiving 92.40
P3-F3vF4: wmagnum1 96.00 vs. Rick 122.55
P3-F3vF5: wmagnum1 73.00 vs. EasyRider 112.55
P3-F4vF5: Rick 114.70 vs. EasyRider 91.15

Playoffs Tourney Divisional Round Game Results

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

Here are the game results from round two of our Playoffs Tourney. The group standings are in a separate post.

Did I say lopsided scores last week? Sheesh. This week was potentially worse if you were on the short end at QB – Aaron Rodgers, Tim Tebow (gulp) over Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Alex Smith (say what?) – or TE – Jermichael Finley over Rob Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham or Vernon Davis. There were plenty of high scoring but close games too, because there were great options at each position.

This week put an exclamation point on the Year of the Tight End talk. Can no one really cover these guys, or are defensive coordinators a little dense, perhaps? I’d say a little from column A, a little from column B. See: Gregg Williams, Saints. Correction: ex-Saints.

Darren Sproles, Arian Foster and Hakeem Nicks weren’t too shabby this week, either.

P2-A1vA2: FFootball247365 177.50 vs. Losperros 141.85
P2-A1vA3: FFootball247365 189.10 vs. pff_alex 115.40
P2-A4vA1: raptors 126.20 vs. FFootball247365 145.90
P2-A5vA1: MtgProHammer 122.00 vs. FFootball247365 132.60
P2-A2vA3: Losperros 114.40 vs. pff_alex 187.10
P2-A2vA4: Losperros 165.65 vs. raptors 192.50
P2-A5vA2: MtgProHammer 149.20 vs. Losperros 121.15
P2-A3vA4: pff_alex 121.60 vs. raptors 153.50
P2-A3vA5: pff_alex 150.00 vs. MtgProHammer 183.55
P2-A4vA5: raptors 152.20 vs. MtgProHammer 127.00

P2-B1vB2: Matt 141.90 vs. RyanMc23 152.10
P2-B1vB3: Matt 143.80 vs. EyeoftheGator 119.90
P2-B4vB1: davestake 146.10 vs. Matt 142.40
P2-B5vB1: BuffaloMudwings 189.30 vs. Matt 153.75
P2-B2vB3: RyanMc23 189.75 vs. EyeoftheGator 164.80
P2-B2vB4: RyanMc23 184.25 vs. davestake 162.40
P2-B5vB2: BuffaloMudwings 150.65 vs. RyanMc23 135.90
P2-B3vB4: EyeoftheGator 123.20 vs. davestake 179.45
P2-B3vB5: EyeoftheGator 167.65 vs. BuffaloMudwings 109.60
P2-B4vB5: davestake 166.35 vs. BuffaloMudwings 107.40

P2-C1vC2: @BNQuinlan 189.65 vs. laoch 165.70
P2-C1vC3: @BNQuinlan 152.20 vs. RoadWarrior 142.70
P2-C4vC1: Mike 158.00 vs. @BNQuinlan 160.95
P2-C5vC1: patwat 165.30 vs. @BNQuinlan 160.75
P2-C2vC3: laoch 161.40 vs. RoadWarrior 141.85
P2-C2vC4: laoch 113.40 vs. Mike 174.85
P2-C5vC2: patwat 174.65 vs. laoch 189.70
P2-C3vC4: RoadWarrior 112.10 vs. Mike 174.35
P2-C3vC5: RoadWarrior 172.35 vs. patwat 159.60
P2-C4vC5: Mike 141.60 vs. patwat 157.90

P2-D1vD2: jrnall2 161.50 vs. Fantasytaz 169.20
P2-D1vD3: jrnall2 181.20 vs. Noank Isototes 132.80
P2-D4vD1: Scott Kuff 126.50 vs. jrnall2 159.10
P2-D5vD1: Airbus79 132.20 vs. jrnall2 183.55
P2-D2vD3: Fantasytaz 187.50 vs. Noank Isototes 158.95
P2-D2vD4: Fantasytaz 145.85 vs. Scott Kuff 148.30
P2-D5vD2: Airbus79 124.50 vs. Fantasytaz 150.35
P2-D3vD4: Noank Isototes 115.00 vs. Scott Kuff 124.10
P2-D3vD5: Noank Isototes 149.30 vs. Airbus79 131.05
P2-D4vD5: Scott Kuff 134.95 vs. Airbus79 128.20

P2-E1vE2: mschauf63 148.40 vs. NLSMike 159.65
P2-E1vE3: mschauf63 146.90 vs. Rick 130.50
P2-E4vE1: wmagnum1 105.60 vs. mschauf63 176.75
P2-E5vE1: DLFootball 156.00 vs. mschauf63 131.10
P2-E2vE3: NLSMike 183.95 vs. Rick 110.90
P2-E2vE4: NLSMike 159.35 vs. wmagnum1 109.50
P2-E5vE2: DLFootball 138.00 vs. NLSMike 140.20
P2-E3vE4: Rick 119.90 vs. wmagnum1 166.85
P2-E3vE5: Rick 140.00 vs. DLFootball 159.30
P2-E4vE5: wmagnum1 146.45 vs. DLFootball 150.40

P2-F1vF2: Widereceiving 142.10 vs. FBGWILL 144.40
P2-F1vF3: Widereceiving 113.60 vs. Maury_Morris 163.40
P2-F4vF1: jimpemba777 141.05 vs. Widereceiving 139.50
P2-F5vF1: EasyRider 118.30 vs. Widereceiving 147.80
P2-F2vF3: FBGWILL 137.25 vs. Maury_Morris 190.60
P2-F2vF4: FBGWILL 144.60 vs. jimpemba777 177.15
P2-F5vF2: EasyRider 111.70 vs. FBGWILL 155.70
P2-F3vF4: Maury_Morris 188.90 vs. jimpemba777 107.15
P2-F3vF5: Maury_Morris 165.35 vs. EasyRider 164.10
P2-F4vF5: jimpemba777 105.60 vs. EasyRider 178.75

Playoffs Tourney Wild-Card Round Group Standings

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Earlier I posted the game results from the Wild-Card Round of our Playoffs Tourney. Here are the group standings. The first tie-breaker is head-to-head record, the same as we using for our earlier tournaments. The second tie-breaker is point differential, which is different than before when we used total points scored.

Group A
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. raptors 3 1 550.7 475.3 75.4
2. @BNQuinlan 2 2 515.4 518.8 -3.4
3. jrnall2 2 2 506.9 499.1 7.8
4. Airbus79 2 2 512.9 507.5 5.5
5. DLFootball 1 3 463.1 548.2 -85.2

raptors wins the group with a 3-1 record. @BNQuinlan finishes second using the head-to-head tie-breaker over jrnall2 and Airbus79. jrnall2 finishes third using the head-to-head tie-breaker over Airbus79.

Group B
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Matt 3 1 535.2 523.2 12.0
2. EyeoftheGator 3 1 578.6 472.3 106.3
3. RoadWarrior 2 2 565.1 500.6 64.5
4. mschauf63 2 2 495.6 511.6 -16.0
5. maury_morris 0 4 418.6 585.3 -166.8

Matt wins the group using the head-to-head tie-breaker over EyeoftheGator. RoadWarrior finishes third using the head-to-head tie-breaker over mscauf63.

Group C
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. PFF_Alex 3 1 565.6 447.4 118.2
2. laoch 2 2 476.5 504.9 -28.4
3. Noank Isototes 2 2 466.0 491.6 -25.6
4. Scott Kuff 2 2 579.0 521.5 57.5
5. WideReceiving 1 3 494.4 616.1 -121.7

PFF_Alex wins the group with a 3-1 record. laoch finishes second using the head-to-head tie-breaker over Noank Isototes and Scott Kuff. Noank Isototes finishes third using the head-to-head tie-breaker over Scott Kuff.

Group D
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. FFootball247365 4 0 665.8 427.7 238.1
2. davestake 3 1 548.9 517.4 31.5
3. FantasyTaz 2 2 550.5 554.4 -3.9
4. Rick 1 3 464.1 618.3 -154.2
5. FBGWILL 0 4 495.7 607.2 -111.6

FFootball247365 wins the group with a perfect 4-0 record.

Group E
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Losperros 4 0 553.8 463.4 90.4
2. RyanMc23 3 1 601.0 489.1 111.9
3. Mike 2 2 544.2 516.1 28.1
4. NLSMike 1 3 532.2 540.9 -8.7
5. jimpemba777 0 4 437.0 658.7 -221.7

Losperros wins the group with a perfect 4-0 record.

Group F
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. MtgProHammer 3 1 472.3 425.1 47.2
2. BuffaloMudwings 2 2 453.6 422.7 30.9
3. patwat 2 2 498.5 480.9 17.7
4. Mike 2 2 464.9 478.2 -13.3
5. wmagnum1 1 3 465.9 548.4 -82.5

MtgProHammer wins the group with a 3-1 record. BuffaloMudwings finishes second using the points differential tie-breaker over patwat and Mike. patwat finishes third using the head-to-head tie-breaker over Mike.

Playoffs Tourney Wild-Card Round Game Results

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Here are the game results from the opening round of our Playoffs Tourney. The group standings are in a separate post.

Some lopsided scores this week thanks to big games from Calvin Johnson, Arian Foster, Hakeem Nicks, Drew Brees, Matt Stafford and… I don’t think anyone had Tim Tebow or Demaryius Thomas. If you had the CJ-Foster combo though, your opponent was pretty much cooked right there.

P1-A1vA2: Airbus79 129.50 vs. raptors 122.30
P1-A1vA3: Airbus79 136.90 vs. jrnall2 143.10
P1-A4vA1: @BNQuinlan 129.45 vs. Airbus79 74.95
P1-A5vA1: DLFootball 112.60 vs. Airbus79 171.55
P1-A2vA3: raptors 128.90 vs. jrnall2 125.00
P1-A2vA4: raptors 151.85 vs. @BNQuinlan 107.00
P1-A5vA2: DLFootball 113.80 vs. raptors 147.60
P1-A3vA4: jrnall2 138.80 vs. @BNQuinlan 149.85
P1-A3vA5: jrnall2 99.95 vs. DLFootball 83.45
P1-A4vA5: @BNQuinlan 129.10 vs. DLFootball 153.20

P1-B1vB2: Maury_Morris 106.55 vs. mschauf63 139.30
P1-B1vB3: Maury_Morris 79.30 vs. EyeoftheGator 152.65
P1-B4vB1: RoadWarrior 169.50 vs. Maury_Morris 116.30
P1-B5vB1: Matt 123.85 vs. Maury_Morris 116.40
P1-B2vB3: mschauf63 117.50 vs. EyeoftheGator 126.70
P1-B2vB4: mschauf63 98.20 vs. RoadWarrior 144.20
P1-B5vB2: Matt 134.10 vs. mschauf63 140.60
P1-B3vB4: EyeoftheGator 155.30 vs. RoadWarrior 129.10
P1-B3vB5: EyeoftheGator 143.90 vs. Matt 146.40
P1-B4vB5: RoadWarrior 122.30 vs. Matt 130.80

P1-C1vC2: laoch 133.20 vs. Widereceiving 149.90
P1-C1vC3: laoch 72.85 vs. pff_alex 121.25
P1-C4vC1: Scott Kuff 145.50 vs. laoch 151.60
P1-C5vC1: Noank Isototes 88.25 vs. laoch 118.85
P1-C2vC3: Widereceiving 106.20 vs. pff_alex 169.25
P1-C2vC4: Widereceiving 112.90 vs. Scott Kuff 169.50
P1-C5vC2: Noank Isototes 144.15 vs. Widereceiving 125.40
P1-C3vC4: pff_alex 130.20 vs. Scott Kuff 161.50
P1-C3vC5: pff_alex 144.85 vs. Noank Isototes 106.80
P1-C4vC5: Scott Kuff 102.45 vs. Noank Isototes 126.75

P1-D1vD2: FBGWILL 128.35 vs. Rick 144.50
P1-D1vD3: FBGWILL 143.20 vs. Fantasytaz 148.70
P1-D4vD1: FFootball247365 151.40 vs. FBGWILL 111.30
P1-D5vD1: davestake 162.60 vs. FBGWILL 112.80
P1-D2vD3: Rick 131.80 vs. Fantasytaz 142.40
P1-D2vD4: Rick 96.40 vs. FFootball247365 180.90
P1-D5vD2: davestake 166.60 vs. Rick 91.40
P1-D3vD4: Fantasytaz 131.00 vs. FFootball247365 148.65
P1-D3vD5: Fantasytaz 128.40 vs. davestake 130.70
P1-D4vD5: FFootball247365 184.80 vs. davestake 89.00

P1-E1vE2: Mike 116.20 vs. RyanMc23 149.65
P1-E1vE3: Mike 136.80 vs. NLSMike 135.60
P1-E4vE1: Losperros 129.35 vs. Mike 122.60
P1-E2vE3: RyanMc23 148.10 vs. NLSMike 138.70
P1-E2vE4: RyanMc23 122.65 vs. Losperros 132.70
P1-E3vE4: NLSMike 115.70 vs. Losperros 124.40
P1-E5vE1: jimpemba777 101.50 vs. Mike 168.60
P1-E5vE2: jimpemba777 101.50 vs. RyanMc23 180.60
P1-E3vE5: NLSMike 142.20 vs. jimpemba777 131.60
P1-E4vE5: Losperros 167.30 vs. jimpemba777 102.40

P1-F1vF2: patwat 146.40 vs. Mike 110.20
P1-F1vF3: Mike 98.95 vs. MtgProHammer 121.85
P1-F4vF1: BuffaloMudwings 100.45 vs. Mike 102.55
P1-F5vF1: wmagnum1 109.45 vs. Mike 153.20
P1-F2vF3: patwat 135.95 vs. MtgProHammer 140.00
P1-F2vF4: patwat 82.65 vs. BuffaloMudwings 109.45
P1-F5vF2: wmagnum1 121.20 vs. patwat 133.50
P1-F3vF4: MtgProHammer 107.85 vs. BuffaloMudwings 84.55
P1-F3vF5: MtgProHammer 102.55 vs. wmagnum1 105.65
P1-F4vF5: BuffaloMudwings 159.10 vs. wmagnum1 129.60

Tournament Championship Round Results

Monday, December 19th, 2011

None of the Fantasy Throwdown games for either the Fantasy Football Writers Tournament, or Players Tournament, used the Monday night game in Week 15, so we declare our winners Monday morning. Congrats to MtgProHammer for winning the Writers Tourney and KevinShockey for taking home the title in the Players Tourney!

There were definitely some tightly contested battles in both of the round robins. Plenty of players we had high expectations for this week – Jordy Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Adrian Peterson, Eli Manning to name a few – fell flat, while unexpected big performances from the likes of Aaron Hernandez, Reggie Bush and Donald Brown pushed us (well, some of us) into the winners circle.

Isn’t that always the way with fantasy football? Avoid as many of the pitfalls as possible and hit on a good surprise or two, and see where the chips fall.

Thanks to everyone who played in the first tournaments at Fantasy Throwdown with the re-launched beta website. We’ll plan for many more in the future, including the NFL Playoffs in January.

Writers Tourney

A vs. B: unstable 119.70 vs. MtgProHammer 122.70 (F)
A vs. C: unstable 87.55 vs. Osowilds 132.70 (F)
D vs. A: Mike 115.50 vs. unstable 89.15 (F)
B vs. C: MtgProHammer 130.85 vs. Osowilds 107.50 (F)
B vs. D: MtgProHammer 98.45 vs. Mike 76.95 (F)
C vs. D: Osowilds 114.20 vs. Mike 108.55 (F)

  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. MtgProHammer 3 0 352.0 304.2 47.9
2. Osowilds 2 1 354.4 327.0 27.5
3. Mike 1 2 301.0 301.8 -0.8
4. unstable 0 3 296.4 370.9 -74.5

MtgProHammer wins the group with a perfect 3-0 record.

Players Tourney

A vs. B: KevinShockey 128.40 vs. ianj300 130.75 (F)
A vs. C: KevinShockey 111.10 vs. Fantasy Acumen 86.60 (F)
D vs. A: @BNQuinlan 77.55 vs. KevinShockey 87.25 (F)
B vs. C: ianj300 90.55 vs. Fantasy Acumen 134.50 (F)
B vs. D: ianj300 95.45 vs. @BNQuinlan 128.50 (F)
C vs. D: Fantasy Acumen 86.85 vs. @BNQuinlan 127.60 (F)

  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. KevinShockey 2 1 326.8 294.9 31.9
2. @BNQuinlan 2 1 333.7 269.6 64.1
3. Fantasy Acumen 1 2 308.0 329.3 -21.3
4. ianj300 1 2 316.8 391.4 -74.7

KevinShockey wins the group using the head-to-head tie breaker over @BNQuinlan.

Week 14/15 Evolution of Fantasy Football Players

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

We are right in the thick of traditional fantasy football league playoff time, Weeks 14-16 of the NFL season, and a lot of our players are concentrating on those playoffs over playing their typical slate of Fantasy Throwdown games.

That’s cool, and we’re perfectly fine with that. One of the great things about Fantasy Throwdown, in our not entirely humble opinion, is that you can play a lot, or play a little. It is completely flexible since we are playing new games week to week. Got the latest project off your desk? Time to challenge some people to a game of Throwdown. Busy week ahead? Scale back the challenges or take a week off. It’s all good – just don’t forget to come back!

For those of us who have played fantasy football for a dozen or so years, give it take, the natural evolution of our lives probably has gone from Mr. No Responsibility, lots of free time, living in the bachelor pad that turned into the weekend sports bar (without the hot waitresses) for the boys to kick back and watch football (college and pro) from dawn to dusk, all the while jawing about our fantasy football teams, and taunting your best buddy, “I told you not to draft Terry Allen!” (circa, 1997).

Sorry, got off track there as I walked down memory lane. That was the old life. What that evolved to (a.k.a. the new life) is Mr. Family Man, work stretches beyond both ends of 9 to 5, probably promoted to some kind of management position which is stressful because the 20-somethings working for you take no pride in the quality of their work. From there you’re running home, and taking your 2.5 kids to their activities, balancing the finances, fixing stuff around the house and all the while keeping the wife happy.

Not an easy task, and how does fantasy football possibly fit into the new life? Fantasy Throwdown is one answer to that. Big commitment? Nope. Get a dozen buddies together? Nope. Manage a team with weekly waivers and trade proposals to respond to? Nope. However… Thrill and skill of the draft? Yep. Play against one person, head to head? Yep. Feels like traditional fantasy football? Yep.

It’s like, as our own lives evolved as described above, Fantasy Throwdown made more and more sense so we can keep playing the game of fantasy football that we love. Damn, we’ve got a good thing going here. And even if your fantasy league playoffs are in full swing right now, those leagues are wrapping up soon. Hopefully they haven’t wrapped up for you just yet!

When your other season is done though, whether due to an early playoff exit thanks to DeMarco Murray’s unexpected fractured ankle early in the game last week, or after hoisting your league’s championship trophy, Fantasy Throwdown will be right here, ready for you. We’ll be here right through the NFL Playoffs.

And what are you going to do otherwise, anyway? Prep for your fantasy baseball draft that is still another three months away? Didn’t think so.

Tournament Updates

Our Fantasy Football Writers Tournament and Players Tournament both finished off Round 1 of the two-week tourney in Week 14, with just four of our 16 participants in each tourney moving on to the Championship round. The game results and group standings were posted in the Site News earlier this week.

Congrats to KevinShockey, ianj300, Fantasy Acumen and @BNQuinlan who each won their groups to advance in the Players Tourney. They are playing a round robin this week to determine the winner.

Mike vs. unstable draft results

Over in our showcase Writers Tourney, unstable (a.k.a. Bob Harris) of FootballDiehards won his group, and then we had some Throwdown vets, filling in a few open spots to get us to 16, who won their group. MtgProHammer and Osowilds each advanced – okay, I admit it, I stacked the board with some of our best players – and I was fortunate to sneak out of the last group.

Mike vs. Osowilds draft results

We are doing a similar round robin this week, and two of the match drafts are already in the books between myself and unstable, and myself and Osowilds. Click the images for the draft results. MtgProHammer is slow playing us while he works to uncover every edge he can get.

Thanks to everyone who took part in both of these tournaments! Good luck to all of our competitors! Well, especially me in the Writers Tourney. I’m going to need it against these guys. I suspect we’ll have one or more players tournaments for at least the opening two rounds of the NFL Playoffs.

Team Defense / Special Teams Scoring Change

Unfortunately, the tournaments were not without a little controversy last week. Let me just say, that effective Week 15, blocked punts and blocked fields goals returned for a touchdown will be scored for the team defense/special teams unit. Anyone who had the Seattle defense against the Rams last Monday may have noticed they didn’t get credit for their blocked punt TD. This was both a programming and rules oversight, and will be corrected going forward. Our apologies to anyone negatively effected by that.

Cool Find From The Archives

I went digging for a file on my external hard drive which backed up my old, now dead, computer. And in fact, I think this is from my old, old computer, but I found something very cool. Original draft sketches of how I envisioned the Fantasy Throwdown website. There is one for the Lobby, the game screen (one and two) and a history page with notes.

They even have a date on them, October 2007, although there was a lot of talk about Throwdown leading up to that. Matt gets credit for the name, so initially it wasn’t even “Fantasy Throwdown”. These sketches definitely came after the initial concept was tossed around the table.

Okay, that is it for this week. Have a good one!

Tournament Round 1 Group Standings

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Here are the Round 1 group standings for each of our tournaments based on the game results that went final last night. Note the tie breaker rules as posted in the forum for each of the Writers Tournament and Players Tournament.

Congrats to all of the group winners! They will advance and play each other in another round robin in Week 15 to determine the tournament champions!

Writers Tournament

Group A
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. unstable 2 1 383.0 346.3 36.7
2. jeffchristianse 2 1 366.5 340.2 26.3
3. raptors 2 1 346.6 307.3 39.3
4. FBGWILL 0 3 281.5 383.8 -102.3

unstable wins the group using the most points scored tie breaker over jeffchristianse and raptors.

Group B
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. MtgProHammer 2 1 334.7 323.0 11.7
2. mschauf63 2 1 379.3 381.7 -2.5
3. kadlec 1 2 373.0 360.5 12.5
4. FantasyTaz 1 2 356.8 378.5 -21.7

MtgProHammer wins the group using the head-to-head tie breaker over mschauf63.

Group C
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Osowilds 3 0 360.9 321.3 39.6
2. Ginger Balls 1 2 350.2 371.2 -21.0
3. Matt 1 2 330.2 336.8 -6.6
4. DLFootball 1 2 325.1 337.0 -12.0

Osowilds wins the group with a perfect 3-0 record.

Group D
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Mike 2 1 344.6 328.9 15.7
2. lou13pla 2 1 346.3 351.3 -5.0
3. pff_alex 1 2 345.0 325.5 19.5
4. DynastyBlitz 1 2 319.6 349.8 -30.2

Mike wins the group using the head-to-head tie breaker over lou13pla.

Players Tournament

Group A
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. KevinShockey 2 1 343.1 252.2 90.9
2. Scott Kuff 2 1 271.0 279.3 -8.4
3. Terminalkennedy 1 2 283.2 359.5 -76.3
4. PhantasyMike 1 2 317.9 324.1 -6.2

KevinShockey wins the group using the head-to-head tie breaker over Scott Kuff.

Group B
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. ianj300 3 0 457.0 319.4 137.6
2. Mercules 2 1 323.4 321.3 2.1
3. RoadWarrior 1 2 304.8 364.4 -59.6
4. Widereceiving 0 3 277.8 357.8 -80.1

ianj300 wins the group with a perfect 3-0 record.

Group C
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Fantasy Acumen 3 0 346.8 324.3 22.5
2. @FSportsguy 2 1 365.8 326.0 39.9
3. maury_morris 1 2 346.7 360.0 -13.3
4. rabidbucfan 0 3 260.0 309.0 -49.1

Fantasy Acumen wins the group with a perfect 3-0 record.

Group D
  W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. @BNQuinlan 3 0 357.1 333.8 23.3
2. RyanMc23 2 1 332.2 313.0 19.2
3. FFootball247365 1 2 331.8 338.0 -6.2
4. jrnall2 0 3 317.7 354.0 -36.3

@BNQuinlan wins the group with a perfect 3-0 record.

Tournament Round 1 Game Results

Monday, December 12th, 2011

I know guys are chomping at the bit for the results of our tourney games, so I’ll post what I can quickly and then the official results will roll in after the Monday night game, and then Tuesday I’ll post the group standings, group winners and commentary.

Also note, I expect there to be a small stat change on Hakeem Nicks later this week which could tip the result of some close games.

Writers Tourney

A1vA2: jeffchristianse 117.45 v FBGWILL 91.10 (F)
A1vA3: jeffchristianse 120.95 v unstable 153.65 (F)
A4vA1: raptors 95.45 v jeffchristianse 128.10 (F)
A2vA3: FBGWILL 100.65 v unstable 139.85 (F)
A2vA4: FBGWILL 89.75 v raptors 126.45 (F)
A3vA4: unstable 89.45 v raptors 124.65 (F)

B1vB2: Fantasytaz 102.90 v kadlec 128.95 (F)
B1vB3: Fantasytaz 145.50 v mschauf63 156.15 (F)
B4vB1: MtgProHammer 93.40 v Fantasytaz 108.40 (F)
B2vB3: kadlec 121.70 vs. mschauf63 130.85 (F)
B2vB4: kadlec 122.30 v MtgProHammer 126.75 (F)
B3vB4: mschauf63 92.25 v MtgProHammer 114.50 (F)

C1vC2: DLFootball 124.30 v Ginger Balls 106.60 (F)
C4vC1: Matt 127.15 vs. DLFootball 101.40 (F)
C2vC4: Ginger Balls 121.70 vs. Matt 102.95 (F)
C1vC3: DLFootball 99.35 v Osowilds 103.25 (F)
C2vC3: Ginger Balls 121.90 vs. Osowilds 143.95 (F)
C3vC4: Osowilds 113.65 v Matt 100.05 (F)

D1vD2: pff_alex 119.95 vs. lou13pla 132.05 (F)
D1vD3: pff_alex 131.35 vs. DynastyBlitz 96.55 (F)
D4vD1: Mike 96.85 vs. pff_alex 93.65 (F)
D2vD3: lou13pla 105.15 v DynastyBlitz 96.85 (F)
D2vD4: lou13pla 109.05 v Mike 134.45 (F)
D3vD4: DynastyBlitz 126.20 v Mike 113.30 (F)

Players Tourney

A1vA2: Scott Kuff 102.65 v Terminalkennedy 72.75 (F)
A1vA3: Scott Kuff 93.75 v PhantasyMike 91.40 (F)
A4vA1: KevinShockey 115.15 v Scott Kuff 74.55 (F)
A2vA3: Terminalkennedy 134.10 v PhantasyMike 125.20 (F)
A2vA4: Terminalkennedy 76.35 v KevinShockey 131.65 (F)
A3vA4: PhantasyMike 101.30 vs. KevinShockey 96.25 (F)

B1vB2: ianj300 162.05 v Widereceiving 98.20 (F)
B1vB3: ianj300 173.80 v RoadWarrior 112.45 (F)
B4vB1: Merkules 108.70 vs. ianj300 121.10 (F)
B2vB3: Widereceiving 79.80 v RoadWarrior 91.85 (F)
B2vB4: Widereceiving 99.75 v Merkules 103.90 (F)
B3vB4: RoadWarrior 100.45 v Merkules 110.75 (F)

C1vC2: rabidbucfan 73.75 v Fantasy Acumen 82.55 (F)
C1vC3: rabidbucfan 77.55 v @FSportsguy 100.65 (F)
C4vC1: Maury_Morris 125.80 v rabidbucfan 108.65 (F)
C2vC3: Fantasy Acumen 141.35 vs. @FSportsguy 136.65 (F)
C2vC4: Fantasy Acumen 122.85 v Maury_Morris 113.85 (F)
C3vC4: @FSportsguy 128.50 v Maury_Morris 107.05 (F)

D1vD2: RyanMc23 113.10 v FFootball247365 91.70 (F)
D1vD3: RyanMc23 118.95 v jrnall2 116.30 (F)
D4vD1: @BNQuinlan 105.00 v RyanMc23 100.10 (F)
D2vD3: FFootball247365 117.30 v jrnall2 90.45 (F)
D2vD4: FFootball247365 122.80 v @BNQuinlan 134.40 (F)
D3vD4: jrnall2 110.90 v @BNQuinlan 117.70 (F)

Week 13/14 Tournament Updates, Bright Ideas

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011

The first ever Fantasy Throwdown, Fantasy Football Writers Tournament and second ever (first in 2011) Players Tournament are underway starting this week.

Both tourneys are the same format, each with 16 players split into four groups of four. The players play a three game round robin against the other players in their group to determine who finishes at the top of the group based on win-loss record. The four group winners advance to Week 15 for another three game round robin, the winner of which will be crowned tournament champion.

We’ve got a bunch of well known names in the fantasy football industry competing in the Writers Tourney, along with a few of our best Throwdown players to round out that 16. The Players tourney includes some of our trashiest trash talkers … and quickest responders on Twitter! Sorry to those who missed out, but I had to cap it at 16 this time. Here is a rundown of our competitors:

Fantasy Football Writers Tournament
Group A Group C
jeffchristianse, FF Toolbox DLFootball, Dynasty League Football
FBGWILL, Footballguys Ginger Balls, FF Today
unstable, Football Diehards Osowilds, 46-29
raptors, T-Day Champ, 85-56 Matt, Fantasy Throwdown #1
Group B Group D
FantasyTaz, GoAheadScore pff_alex, Pro Football Focus
kadlec, Fantasy Sports Publications lou13pla, BFD Fantasy Football
mschauf63, DraftSharks DynastyBlitz, DynastyBlitz
MtgProHammer, 111-77 Mike, Fantasy Throwdown #2
Players Tournament #1
Group A Group C
Scott Kuff rabidbucfan
Terminalkennedy Fantasy Acumen
PhantasyMike @FSportsguy
KevinShockey maury_morris
Group B Group D
ianj300 RyanMc23
Widereceiving FFootball247365
RoadWarrior jrnall2
Mercules @BNQuinlan

The matches were scheduled and set up on Monday and Tuesday, and some are already drafted. Some results include, from the Writers Tourney, Group B’s FantasyTaz-mschauf63 and FantasyTaz-kadlec, Group C’s Matt-Osowilds, plus Group D’s Mike-pff_alex and Mike-DynastyBlitz.

Exciting times with these two competitions going on side-by-side. I wonder if I can get each of the Writers and Players Tournament champs to do a best of three for Week 16?


With no better place to publish them, here is a sample of testimonials we’ve received so far from people playing Fantasy Throwdown.

  • Thank God for Fantasy Throwdown! ~ Losperros
  • Great Concept. Addicting ~ actdav
  • Cool thing y’all have going here ~ @DR_FNP
  • Know how some say ‘don’t mess w/ a good thing?’ Those ppl are idiots. These guys took FFB & improved it ~ Eric Dickens from Dynasty League Football (DLFootball)

Thanks everyone for the kind words. We’re glad the early feedback on Fantasy Throwdown is very positive, and we hope to continue to grow and show people this new way to play fantasy football.

Bright Ideas

I’m not going to comment on these points right now, but here is some of the feedback we’ve received on the game and the beta website so far.

  • Mobile app? ~ ianj300, cwill0303, citizen_lame and others
  • My biggest beef is not being able to communicate with your opponent. It would be nice to know if we can do a draft live or if it’ll take a few days ~ raptors
  • I would like to start a Fantasy Throwdown league with my office workers. Have the ability to do like fantasy, where people sign up for the league, pay fees, and do a 14 week regular season with the matchups scheduled so everybody plays everybody else. Commish could set up divisions and there would be playoff brackets… ~ halfsmoke
  • Is there going to be a $$$ version? (meaning people play each other to win money) ~ Chris@FFToday

There is a bunch of other feedback with suggested changes, both big and small, but I’ll leave it at that for now. If you want something changed or have a great idea to make Fantasy Throwdown even better, let your voice be heard. Send us an email. We may not be able to act on everything, but we definitely can’t consider your idea unless we know about it.

That is it for this update. On to Week 14!

Turkey Day Competition Results

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

raptors is our inaugural Turkey Day Champ! Congrats!

He just barely sniped MtgProHammer for the honor scoring an even 100 points for his achievements and awards in official Throwdown Turkey Day challenges as outlined in our Turkey Day Competition for Thanksgiving last week. MtgProHammer scored 99 points, just one behind. DLFootball finished third with 84.5, FBGWILL fourth with 74 and Matt fifth with 61 points.

One thing raptors proved, is you didn’t have to play the most games to finish at the top of the results. He played 17 games, which was less than our second (36), third (33) and fourth (23) place finishers.

What set raptors apart was an impressive 12 wins in his 17 games. Plus, drafting Aaron Rodgers 16 times earned him a big bonus for drafting the player with the longest passing TD for the day. He also scored points by initiating 11 challenges, heavily drafting two of our “mystery” players – Kevin Smith and Jordy Nelson – plus 5 point awards for lowest margin of victory, highest team score and lowest combined score.

MtgProHammer won only 9 of his 36 challenges, which is way off his historical win percentage (I know how he feels). He decided to forego Aaron Rodgers is many of his challenges drafting him only twice, which wasn’t a bad plan since Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo were not far off Rodgers in fantasy points, but it cost Hammer in the longest passing TD bonus. Hammer was part of the largest round robin group and earned that bonus. Others in that group were DLFootball, EyeoftheGator, jrnall2 and RoadWarrior.

Overall our Turkey Day Competition was a big success. There were 210 qualifying Turkey Day games, played by 126 different Throwdown players. It took some time to tabulate the results! Now I have the queries in place it should be somewhat faster next year, although I never did figure out the “Best use of the Block” award, so no one scored points for that.

Another category that scored nil points was longest rushing TD. No one drafted Keiland Williams to earn points for his 19 yard scamper into the end zone, even in the handful of “bench only” challenges some people initiated. Also, none of our mystery players, James Starks being the other to go along with Smith and Nelson, scored a TD, so individual achievements #13, #15 and #17 were nil across the board.

Although my own Thanksgiving Day win-loss record was poor at 3-11 (yikes, hurts to type that), I did set out to hit as many different achievements as possible, and in the end I earned points in 13 achievements and awards. That was the most of anyone, earning me 5 bonus points. raptors and ShanePHallam each had points in 12 different categories, and four different people earned points in 10 categories.

Check the complete results table, and below are the top 30 finishers. I posted some detailed stats in the forum over the weekend if you want to check my work. Note on the awards such as margin of victory, points were awarded for each of the different scoring and lineup options.

1. raptors 100
2. MtgProHammer 99
3. DLFootball 84.5
5. Matt 61
6. Mike 54.5
7. Butkiss 49.5
8. EyeoftheGator 37
9. ShanePHallam 36.5
10. Gramtasm 33.5
11. jrnall2 32.5
12. vote4parag 29
13. laoch 28
14. @DR_FNP 25.5
15. FFB_Guru 25
16. RoadWarrior 24.5
17. rabidbucfan 23
18. Scott Kuff 22
19. guybroadway 21.5
20. JLsullivan 20.5
21. kcchiefs15 20
22. bsanders_06 19
23. Airbus79 18.5
24. fridayfrenzy 18
25. Brunotr 17.5
26. robmcangus 17.5
27. Woodsy 16
28. KevinShockey 15.5
29. Losperros 15.5
30. ohaganmd 15

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Thanksgiving Day event!