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November Newsletter

Friday, November 16th, 2012

To our regulars out there, thanks for playing Fantasy Throwdown, including providing feedback and helping build a great community of fantasy football players.

To our mailing list members who haven’t checked in for a while, or since last season, come on over. The regular season is past the halfway mark, but we’re going to continue playing Throwdown all the way through the Super Bowl, one week at a time.

Here is a snapshot of things going on this month:

Turkey Day Competition

It is back. Or will be next week, that is. Our favourite (note the “u”) holiday that isn’t even a holiday where Mike lives – U.S. Thanksgiving. Three games on the NFL schedule, which is perfect for a little game we like to call Fantasy Throwdown. It will be similar to last year’s hootenanny. Look for details posted early next week.

“For The Heck Of It” Tournament

We ran three concurrent, 12-team tournaments that featured ten fantasy football celebrities, played 135 Throwdown matches, spanned four weeks, weathered one super storm, and concluded this past weekend. Congrats to our A Champs, Shasta, WHUDEY, Mike and our B Champs, EyeoftheGator, JeneBramel / jrnall2 and cwill0303. If you missed participating, you missed a good one, but maybe you’re up for the next one…

IDP Tournament

The reason we don’t spell out acronyms like IDP very often is because we know we attract top fantasy football players who can break down expected tackle distribution numbers when stars Ray Lewis and Sean Lee are sidelined. If you qualify – or maybe it is time to learn – sign up for our next tournament which includes more Vontaze Burfict and less Trindon Holliday.

Player vs. Player Stats

Wondering how your head-to-head record stacks up against Players X, Y and Z? Sure, you could just count the wins and losses in your Game Manager history, but we’ve made it a lot easier. Go to our new stats tool, start typing your username, select and hit submit. Don’t get mad if you find one or two players are bringing your overall win % down. Get even.

Challenge Friends and Get Social

To help grow Fantasy Throwdown, we need more people to play, and that is where you guys and gals come in. Marketing geniuses we ain’t. Deep pockets we ain’t got.

Help spread the word by introducing football fans to our game and challenging new people to play. We’ll do our best to improve features of the game and keep the website chugging along.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and even Google+ for each of Mike and Matt. You follow or like us, maybe share a link or thought to your timeline, and that helps our exposure. Win-win for all. Think how you can boost your Leaderboard ranking with a wave of potential opponents who don’t know their Block from their backside.


User patwat is on his third consecutive week holding down the top spot on our Leaderboard, and he’s built himself a little cushion. MtgProHammer and laoch currently sit in second and third, respectively, but there is a lot of jockeying for position in the two through six spots. The more you play, the better you play, and the better ranked players that you beat, the higher points you earn and better ranking. Go!

Thanks again for your time! Don’t forget the Turkey Day Challenge next week.