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Welcome Back! Lets Throwdown!

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

It is good to be back! (Hey, I used this video and line yesterday at my office pool website.)

But it is completely true. Especially here at Fantasy Throwdown, where we get to play the best darn weekly fantasy football game, amongst the coolest community of fantasy football players going.

We’ve got a great thing going here, and it is finally time to pop the cork on the 2014 season. Week 1 of the NFL season is less than two weeks away!

If you are new to Fantasy Throwdown, welcome! If you love fantasy football, then I think you are really going to enjoy our game format. No salary caps and star-studded lineups here. This is what we love about traditional fantasy football (drafting versus an opponent, head-to-head competition), miniaturized down to a two player, one week event.

Please make sure you read the How To Play section to review a tutorial plus the rules and scoring. Understand how the player pool for your game is formed, and know what the Block is and how it works.

If you wish to play Fantasy Throwdown (individual games, leagues and tournaments) for cash stakes, then start by making a deposit from your My Throwdown page. Please review our Terms of Service to confirm you are eligible. You can play for free, as many individual games as you like.

I encourage you to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Twitter in particular is where many of our veteran players connected to start playing Throwdown.

Week 1 Special Incentive

As a special welcome back and welcome to Throwdown incentive, I removed the rake for all Week 1 individual cash stakes games. If you and your opponent agree to play for a $1 entry fee (each), then the winner earns $2. A $2 entry fee pays $4. This is the same at all five levels. A $20 entry fee pays $40.

If you and your friends like to play Throwdown with some money on the line then take advantage of this special incentive. I can’t run it like this all season!

Once again, whether you are a now seasoned veteran Throwdown player or brand new to the game, thanks for being part of what we are doing here. All questions and feedback are welcome. I’m not difficult to track down via Twitter, Facebook or email. Now lets Throwdown!

And… We’re… Back! Welcome!

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Finally we’re back! That did take a little longer for us to open the doors for the 2013 NFL Season than planned, but we are ready to roll now. The time has come to start playing the best dang fantasy football game on the planet – Fantasy Throwdown!

If you’re new around these parts, Fantasy Throwdown is lumped in under that not very catchy umbrella term used by fantasy players, daily / weekly fantasy sports, even though some of us have played Throwdown since before that term even existed. What that term means is our game breaks down a typical fantasy league from a full season competition to a one day or one week event.

For Fantasy Throwdown specifically, we felt it important to keep our game as close to traditional fantasy football as possible, while at the same time enjoying the benefits of it being reduced down to a single NFL week at a time. When you play Fantasy Throwdown, you get:

  • Head-to-head competition against a single opponent
  • Pick style draft – the best part of fantasy football – to build your team
  • Skill based game due to limited player pool for the draft

The benefits are huge for guys and gals who love fantasy football, but find it tough as our lives get busier to keep up with the grind of a full season league. One Throwdown match does not take very long at all. You can challenge a friend, they accept, then get started and finish the draft all inside 10 minutes if both people are online together. Or stretch it out over the week as long as you get the draft done before the first NFL game in your challenge.

Make sure to check the Tutorial and Rules under the “How to Play” link near the bottom of every Throwdown page.

On busy weeks, play just once or take a week off. On less busy weeks, play a half dozen times or more. Find the fit that works for you. Regardless of how many times you play, you will know you are playing fantasy football. Also known as the Greatest. Hobby. Ever.

Then sit back, enjoy the games on Thursday, Sunday and Monday, and check back in to see your points scored and if you beat your opponent. Or just wait for us to email the results. Win or lose, come on back the next week to keep the streak alive or get redemption! We’re going to play Throwdown from Week 1 of the NFL season all the way through to the Super Bowl!

Its a fun time, and this is going to be our most excellent season yet! Welcome, or welcome back! Now lets Throwdown!

We’re Back To Help Scratch That Itch…

Friday, August 31st, 2012

A loss of appetite, waking up in the dark of night in a cold sweat, and even the simplest of tasks seems monumental. You don’t know what it is, but you have a vague feeling that something hasn’t been right with your life since February. No longer will you have to endure withdrawal.

That itch you’ve been unable to scratch for the past six months will no longer torment you because Fantasy Throwdown is back and ready to let you draft as much as you like, whenever you like.

Our simple, convenient, free and fast way to draft and compete will let you play daily and on your schedule. Here is a quick refresher for those of you just out of a court-ordered, fantasy 12-step program:

  • Login to your old account. New players need to register using the “Register And Play For Free” button found on the home page
  • Challenge another person in our Lobby or enter a friend’s email address
  • Competitors determine the three NFL games for that week that will comprise the player draft pool
  • Pick the games and draft order wisely, because the competition can block a player from the draft pool during the draft
  • Once the games and order is set, draft a starting lineup in minutes or as convenient

Drafts can take as little as 10 minutes when both competitors are online. Or, have a slow draft and use the pre-draft settings. Play standard lineups or IDP, PPR or non-PPR, and enjoy the convenience of live chat. Optionally connect your Fantasy Throwdown account to Twitter and Facebook.

You can feel that rush already, can’t you? Don’t hate the player, or the game. Login today and feed your addiction. You’ll sleep like a baby.

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Welcome to our Open Beta

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

Open Beta is a good way to put it I think. The site still needs some key components – tutorial, expanded contact info, etc. – but for all intents and purposes, we are Live!

It has been a long saga getting Fantasy Throwdown up and running and available for public consumption. I don’t plan on rehashing the whole thing right now, but this is the second time we’ve gone live, and the plan is for Fantasy Throwdown to stick around this time. Hopefully for a good long time.

Give the game a try. Whether you are a hard core fantasy football player, casual player or even just regular football fan who wants to dip their toe into fantasy football, this is the game for you. We think you’ll love the concept, simplicity, challenge and tradition all captured in Fantasy Throwdown.

Thanks for your time.

Kind regards,

Mike MacGregor and Matt Waldman

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