Week 2 Preliminary Event Results; Doclate First Throwdown-Showdown Winner

September 15th, 2014 by Mike

Congrats Doclate! He is our first event winner of the season, finishing first in a Week 2, $2 Throwdown-Showdown vs. Luxuriousdusti, mikemar and Ditka.

This Throwdown-Showdown event wasn’t even the first T-S in play this week, nor the biggest event of the week, with the kickoff of our first tournament of the season, the drably named but to the point, Week 2 Tournament. However, results for every other event are riding on Monday Night Football, Philadelphia Eagles at Indianapolis Colts.

Those results will be published once final, on Tuesday. In the meantime, below are the final results showcasing Doclate’s victory. It was close! Doclate and Luxuriousdusti each finished 2-1 in the round robin. Doclate won the competition by virtue of a head-to-head tie-breaker.

Wk 2 – TS – $2 W L PF   PA   Dif  
1. Doclate 2 1 308.1 256.5 51.7
2. Luxuriousdusti 2 1 357.5 308.7 48.8
3. mikemar 1 2 251.4 309.7 -58.3
4. Ditka 1 2 303.9 346.0 -42.2

mikemar 72.75
Luxuriousdusti 139.8

mikemar 51.8
Doclate 86.95

Ditka 82.95
mikemar 126.85

Luxuriousdusti 91.5
Doclate 128.15

Luxuriousdusti 126.15
Ditka 107.75

Doclate 93
Ditka 113.15

Week 2 Tournament

Our initial tournament was intended to be 16-players, but we only managed to get 12 to sign up given the late notice last week. Good news! (For those who signed up.) As a reward to those who did sign up, I’m going to leave the intended prize pool the same as a 16-team tournament.

Instead of four groups of four, we has three groups of four. The top two from each group still advance, with the first place finisher from Groups A, B and C playing for the tourney championship in Week 3. The second place finisher from each group play for the B-side championship this week.

Once results are final, then I’ll post them and set up the games for those who moved on.

Week 3 Events

All of our events – Tournaments, Leagues and Throwdown-Showdowns – are open and available for sign up right now. Each event starts once full, and we already have our initial Throwdown League half full from sign ups last week.

Check details of each event type, and post a comment in the Site News, email or tweet if you have any questions.

Thanks to everyone who played in Week 2! More improvements and excitement this week as we roll into Week 3!

Three Keys To Victory – Week 2: Ball Hogs, Bell Cows and Breakout Stars

September 10th, 2014 by Tim Grinstead
Is Justin Hunter the next Randy Moss? Okay, we're not saying that, but he is a potential breakout star and someone you want in your Throwdown lineup this week.

Is Justin Hunter the next Randy Moss? Okay, we’re not saying that, but he is a potential breakout star and someone you want in your Throwdown lineup this week.

We now have one plot point on the 16 game NFL schedule. While some players have a great Week 1 and then disappear (I’m talking to you Kevin Ogletree), there are many more players that emerge from Week 1 giving us better clarity for their performance for the season.

I think the opening games gave us some interesting story lines that will serve us well for spotting fantasy gold in Week 2. Below are three profiles to look for as you head into your Fantasy Throwdown drafts this week.

WR Ball Hogs

Some wide receivers develop rapport with their quarterbacks better than others. Either through training camps or years of play, they become the “apple of their quarterback’s eye.” Though it’s only one week of a larger sample size of data, interesting storylines begin to develop that help us see the bigger picture. It’s like reading the first couple chapters of a book. Important information will sneak through that will help you for the rest of the reading.

In the past two years, Week 1 target hogs for their team have generally finished high in fantasy points at the position by year’s end. The chart below contains data from this year and the past two years. The Target column shows percentage of team’s targets in Week 1, and Rank is their fantasy football ranking (standard performance scoring) at the end of the season.


Jordy Nelson and Andre Johnson are no brainers, and Donnie Avery is an anomaly, I believe, as Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe will garner more of a percentage going forward.

I like Mike Wallace this week and for the rest of the season. Bill Lazor is running a similar offense as he did in Philly last season, and Mike Wallace is playing the role of DeSean Jackson (who garnered 26% of targets last year.) Wallace looked very good against Darrelle Revis and the New England Patritots last week, and I look for an even better week this week against a very weak Buffalo Bills secondary. He could be a Top 5 player this week, so get this matchup in your drafts.

Brian Quick is the Brian Hartline of this year’s group. Don’t ignore him, especially in PPR. Tampa Bay Buccaneers gave up 96 yards and 1 TD to a big receiver last week, and Quick was drawing rave reviews from training camp for his playmaking ability. If he gets 40% of targets this week, one of those is bound to garner a touchdown.

RB Bell Cows

Five running backs had the ball in their hands for over 50% of the team’s offensive touches last week – Arian Foster (63%), DeMarco Murray (54%), Le’Veon Bell (53%), Rashad Jennings (50%), and Adrian Peterson (50%). With so many committee backfields in today’s game, knowing who the true bell cows are can lead you to fantasy gold. Peterson (vs. NE) and Foster (vs. OAK) have the best matchups of these five this week.

But if you’re digging deeper than these five, I’d take a look at the guys that rounded out the Top 10 in team offense – Knowshon Moreno vs. BUF (44%) and Toby Gerhart vs. WAS (41%). Pro Football Focus ranked Buffalo the 5th worst rushing defense last week and ranked Washington 12th. Plus, these two represent later round value, as many drafters will be prone to take the bigger name players in those drafts (C.J. Spiller and Alfred Morris.) Wait until the time is right and pounce on these two.

Breakout Stars for Week 2
(who maybe went unnoticed Week 1)

Breakout star number 1 for this week is Tennessee’s leader in targets to start the season. It is not Kendall Wright, it is Justin Hunter. Justin Hunter garnered 24% of the team’s targets (Top 20 in the league), but he only caught 3 of the 8. Digging deeper, Pro Football Focus deemed that only 3 balls thrown his way were catchable balls. That means that he caught all of the catchable balls for 63 yards, over 20 yards per catch.

He’s been so good this preseason that fellow wideout Michael Preston called him, “the next Randy Moss.” After his breakout preseason performance (4-111, 2), RotoWorld’s Adam Levitan tweeted that “Justin Hunter now has 30 NFL catches (preseason and regular season). EIGHT of them have gone for touchdowns.” This week, he faces the worst defense in the NFL by all standards – The Dallas Cowboys. All signs are go, and he might be the top performer in the game.

Breakout star number 2 is Kansas City’s tight end Travis Kelce. Travis Kelce is a 6’5, 255lb monster with a 4.61 forty time. He had several long plays this preseason, and was compared favorably to Rob Gronkowski. Gronk, by the way, is 6’6”, 258 lbs, with a 4.68 forty time. Kelce caught 3 passes for 49 yards on only 18 of 58 snaps yesterday.

Andy Reid admitted that he didn’t play Kelce enough. As his snaps go up, so will his stats, starting this week. If you miss out on Julius Thomas in this week’s matchup, select Travis Kelce. If you liked watching Dwayne Allen burn up the sideline in Week 1 for a score, take a bigger, faster version for this week.

Special Events – Week 2 Tournament, Leagues and Throwdown-Showdowns

September 9th, 2014 by Mike
Are you ready to play in our popular special events - Tournaments, Leagues and Throwdown-Showdowns? Sign up is now open!

Are you ready to play in our popular special events – Tournaments, Leagues and Throwdown-Showdowns? Sign up is now open!

I felt like we eased into the season last week, don’t you? A lot of people played Fantasy Throwdown Week 1 against friends and old rivals, or some new names in our Lobby, but something missing from our regular dose of Throwdown activities were the popular Tournaments, Leagues and Throwdown-Showdowns.

In one sense, that was done purposely due to the chaos of activities leading up to the start of Week 1 of the NFL season, and because I know all or most all of you playing Throwdown have your regular fantasy football leagues you were jazzed about. Only the most dismal of dynasty teams don’t hold at least a little optimism their squad is championship bound heading into Week 1. So I felt, that’s cool, focus on your traditional fantasy leagues… last week.

Now the regular season has officially kicked off, the normal weekly routine kicks in managing our teams – waiver requests, maybe a trade proposal, start / bench decisions. Now you’ve really got some time to play Fantasy Throwdown! In case you are unfamiliar with our special events, here is how they work:

Throwdown Tournaments

A tournament is an elimination competition, spread over a two or three week span, depending on number of players. Suppose we have 16 players, then they are split into four groups of four. Each group plays a round robin in their group, with each group winner, based on head-to-head record, advancing to the championship the following week. Those four players in the championship group play another round robin, with the group winner taking the crown.

I’m proposing we do exactly this, have a 16-player tournament starting Week 2. It is $10 entry fee, with $100 to the A-Champion (that is 1st place, Champions Bracket), $25 to 2nd place, and $20 to the B-Champion, which is from the group of players who each finished 2nd in their group after the first week of the tourney.

So, 16 players enter. Each is guaranteed 3 Throwdown games played. Half of the participants will qualify to play 6 games over two weeks. $10 with 1 in 16 chance of turning that into $100.

Throwdown Leagues

Leagues are completely different than tournaments, and you likely have a good idea already what is involved. A smaller group of players form the league and stretch out their competition over a longer period, with a head-to-head regular season schedule, standings updated weekly, and top teams qualify for the playoffs and championship.

Given the flexibility of Fantasy Throwdown, we don’t have to play a league over the entire season. The format I propose is 8 players, playing 8 weeks. That includes a 7-week double header regular season schedule, with the top 2 teams advancing to a triple header championship in the last week. For fun, I also mix up the regular season schedule with different scoring and lineups, and some other unique twists.

We have various entry fee levels of $10, $20 and $40. We will kick off new leagues as they fill. A $10 league pays $50 for 1st place and $20 for 2nd place, so make that a 1 in 8 chance of quintupling your money.


Looking for a quick fix Throwdown competition against a few unlucky souls, careless enough to challenge your fantasy football acumen? Look no further than our Throwdown-Showdowns! They are 1-week competitions of 4 players.

It is pretty simple: The 4 players form a group and play a round robin. The winner of the group, based on head-to-head record, wins the competition and takes home the 1st place prize. There is no prize for 2nd place, it is winner takes all.

I currently have three different entry fees of $2, $5 and $10, and each with Team Defense lineup and PPR scoring. If you have a different entry fee level or lineup / scoring combination, form a group of four, let me know what you guys want and I will try to accommodate requests.

So there you have it, and overview of our three main special events, ready to roll for Week 2. All you have to do is login and go to our special events sign up, click the appropriate join button, and we will get you up and running as soon as your event fills.

Post questions here, or hit me up on Twitter or Facebook. Thanks, and good luck!

Three Keys To Victory – Week 1: Hot Starts, Bad Defenses

September 3rd, 2014 by Tim Grinstead
RB Matt Forte, Chicago Bears

Expect Matt Forte to continue his trend of a big Week 1 performance, this time at the expense of the Buffalo Bills defense.

The NFL season is finally here!

The first week for fantasy footballers brings those same feelings of a seven year old waking up on Christmas morning. We’re all excited to play with our new toys. Just don’t let the shiny new toys distract you from sound judgment. There’s a reason the “start your studs” mantra echoes from every fantasy football expert, particularly for Week 1.

It’s true for Fantasy Throwdown as well, but I don’t think you need me telling you to draft Peyton Manning or Demaryius Thomas in Week 1. Your studs will most likely do well, but I’m going to give you some information to help you spot some other Week 1 performances that may help you win your games this weekend. There are three profiles from recent history that may help you spot a gem or feel better about picking the stud.

Slow Starting Defenses

There are some defenses that have been very generous to teams in Week 1 in recent years. For instance, here is a graph of four quarterbacks that have faced the Green Bay Packers in the past four seasons.


Even the cautious side arm of Alex Smith had a successful opening day against the Packers defense. It was Colin Kaepernick’s best game of the entire year, and guess who gets to face them first this year – Russell Wilson.

Odds are that history will repeat itself, on Thursday Night, in a rematch of the Fail Mary. For those looking forward to Sunday games, don’t fret. Green Bay is not the only team with interesting trends on opening day. Here are three position profiles that are trending in the past two seasons.


I’ll start with running backs. Two Top 5 running backs have chopped up the Jacksonville Jaguars in the past two years, and this year, their first week they face LeSean McCoy. I’d say that’s a safe bet for a three-peat.

Buffalo Bills are squaring off against the Chicago Bears, and have given up big weeks to number two receivers the past two years. That’s enough to make me take Alshon Jeffrey over Brandon Marshall to see if the trend continues.

Ryan Fitzpatrick does not fit the profile of Drew Brees or even Michael Vick, but there’s a good chance he has an above average start versus the Washington Redskins this week.

Hot Start Players

Just like certain defenses start slow, there are certain players that have been trending towards hot starts.

I’ll start with quarterback first. For the past three consecutive years, there are only four quarterbacks who, when active and healthy, have averaged 20 fantasy points per opening day and Top 10 performances. The first three are Brees, Peyton Manning (injured one year) and Aaron Rodgers.

The fourth guy is Robert Griffin III. According to DraftBuddy.com (4 points per TD scoring), Griffin has finished 2nd and 10th in Week 1 each of the past two seasons, with a low of 24.9 points. He now pilots Jay Gruden’s high flying attack, plus has a fully healthy Pierre Garçon, Jordan Reed, and a new weapon in Desean Jackson at his disposal. Despite the porous preseason, Griffin could easily keep his trend going.

At running back, outside of Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte is the most consistent opening day starter in the past three years. He has breached 15 standard fantasy points for three consecutive years. He’s an underrated stud who should be the best running back in the Bears-Bills matchup.

Finally, at wide receiver, if you get stuck with the Broncos-Colts game, don’t fret if you lose out on consistent opening day freak Demaryius Thomas. The third most consistent opening day wide receiver in the past three years is playing for Indianapolis. His name is Reggie Wayne. Every year, people suggest Wayne is done, and every year he produces near 100 receiving yards and 1 TD in Week 1. In fact, his lowest yardage output in the past three is 96 yards, and one year he didn’t score (but did get 136 yards).

Dismal Defenses Ready to Get Lit Up

This happened at a profound level last season when Baltimore Ravens faced Denver. They lost several key players in the offseason, including future Hall of Famers Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. They were strong up front with Elvis Dumervil and Haloti Ngata, but struggled at linebacker and secondary. Pair that with the greatest offense the NFL has ever seen, and you get Peyton Manning with seven touchdowns (and almost every other Broncos player with a career day).

I’ll give you one defense this year that is struggling with almost identical issues to start the season, and they are located in Texas – the Dallas Cowboys. Dallas is reeling on defense right now. They lost DeMarcus Ware and Jason Hatcher this offseason, and they lost Sean Lee (again) and Orlando Scandrick to injury. Pair this with an unheralded, unproven secondary, and you have another recipe for disaster.

Luckily, they’re not playing against Manning, but they are playing a very good offense in San Francisco. I’d say this is a huge advantage in Fantasy Throwdown, as most Cowboys, based on August Average Draft Position, will be picked before 49ers. But I could easily see Colin Kaepernick, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis outscoring Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, DeMarco Murray and Jason Witten this week. As sloppy as the 49ers have looked, coupled with the losses of Navarro Bowman and Aldon Smith, this game could produce a lot of fantasy superstars.

Hope you have a good start to the fantasy season, and maybe one of these profiles will help you spot other gems in Week 1.

Welcome Back! Lets Throwdown!

August 26th, 2014 by Mike

It is good to be back! (Hey, I used this video and line yesterday at my office pool website.)

But it is completely true. Especially here at Fantasy Throwdown, where we get to play the best darn weekly fantasy football game, amongst the coolest community of fantasy football players going.

We’ve got a great thing going here, and it is finally time to pop the cork on the 2014 season. Week 1 of the NFL season is less than two weeks away!

If you are new to Fantasy Throwdown, welcome! If you love fantasy football, then I think you are really going to enjoy our game format. No salary caps and star-studded lineups here. This is what we love about traditional fantasy football (drafting versus an opponent, head-to-head competition), miniaturized down to a two player, one week event.

Please make sure you read the How To Play section to review a tutorial plus the rules and scoring. Understand how the player pool for your game is formed, and know what the Block is and how it works.

If you wish to play Fantasy Throwdown (individual games, leagues and tournaments) for cash stakes, then start by making a deposit from your My Throwdown page. Please review our Terms of Service to confirm you are eligible. You can play for free, as many individual games as you like.

I encourage you to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Twitter in particular is where many of our veteran players connected to start playing Throwdown.

Week 1 Special Incentive

As a special welcome back and welcome to Throwdown incentive, I removed the rake for all Week 1 individual cash stakes games. If you and your opponent agree to play for a $1 entry fee (each), then the winner earns $2. A $2 entry fee pays $4. This is the same at all five levels. A $20 entry fee pays $40.

If you and your friends like to play Throwdown with some money on the line then take advantage of this special incentive. I can’t run it like this all season!

Once again, whether you are a now seasoned veteran Throwdown player or brand new to the game, thanks for being part of what we are doing here. All questions and feedback are welcome. I’m not difficult to track down via Twitter, Facebook or email. Now lets Throwdown!

Cleaning Out My Locker, See You Next Season

February 4th, 2014 by Mike


Post-Super Bowl, marking the end of the season, does have this uneasy cleaning out my locker, goodbye, and see you when I see you feel to it. We’re not a sports team exactly, but I feel like we’ve started to build a very cool community of fantasy football players here, so it does make me a bit sad we won’t be playing Throwdown, talking football and staying in touch each week like we have for the last 22 straight weeks. Our Twitter community is especially fun to banter back and forth and connect with some great people.

That said, I am EXCITED for the future of Fantasy Throwdown. We did a lot of new things this year, and I learned a lot – some things the hard way which is par for the course. The new stuff that worked, we want to expand on those ideas to make them more brilliant next season. I also have a lot of new, untapped ideas, which will make for an even better experience for our players. All the while making sure we are true to the classic nature of our unique head-to-head fantasy football game. A game that fantasy football players, love playing.

background_football_guyI don’t want to promise too much here which is why I’m being vague, but some of the things we want to take to the next level in 2014 are our special events – leagues, tournaments and contests. These are always a big hit amongst players. We opened up Throwdown to allow people to play cash games in the middle of this past season, and that will be a focal point to help grow our community, while still keeping options open to play Throwdown for free. In terms of site design, at a minimum, I am pretty tired of this guy –>

For a last word on the 2013 season, THANK YOU for playing Fantasy Throwdown. I really appreciate your support of the website which continues to drive me to keep plugging away at it. I’m going to send one last email for the 2013 season to everyone who played this year through a service called Delighted that collects customer service feedback. It is a very simple one question survey which I would appreciate your response to. Signing off for the season, I look forward to refilling my locker and reconnecting next season. Cheers!

Final Second Half Leaderboard

February 4th, 2014 by Mike

You know, originally, I wasn’t even going to update our Leaderboard through the NFL Playoffs. However, after Wild-Card Weekend I realized the points didn’t properly add up to the won-loss record for each user, which updates automatically. So. . . I kept updating each week.

I had a nice comfortable lead in first place, 146 points to 136.5 points for tonyburtt in second place after the Conference Championships. Then my Super Bowl week playing Fantasy Throwdown apparently went only slightly better than Peyton Manning’s Super Bowl. At least I wasn’t in front of a national audience.

My record for Super Bowl was a pitiful 3-13, including a loss to Tony as I challenged him to a game to give him a last shot at the top spot. Smooth move! He went 3-1. That game he beat me was the difference.

Congrats Tony! You are our second half Leaderboard champion!

Destroyers 13 shot way up in the final week, from 15th to finish in third. Nicely done! Our NFL Playoffs Challenge Champ, rhazes_darkk, finished fourth and our Best of Throwdown Champ, Bigchief37, finished fifth.

We actually didn’t award any Leaderboard bonus points or badges for the NFL Playoffs Challenge because, as I said, I hadn’t planned to update the Leaderboard once the playoffs started. I really liked that concept though, so we’ll expand our badges/bonus points system next year as we run more special events, and maybe come up with some cooler looking badges.

For posterity, here is a screen shot of the Leaderboard Top 15 for the second half of 2013. The full Leaderboard will stay in place until we reset it prior to the 2014 NFL season. Thanks again everyone for playing, and see you back here next season!

Congrats to tonyburtt, our Second Half Leaderboard Champ! He knocked off Mike in the final week - Super Bowl! Mike held top spot since Week 13.

Congrats to tonyburtt, our Second Half Leaderboard Champ!
He knocked off Mike in the final week – Super Bowl! Mike held top spot since Week 13.

NFL Playoffs Challenge Super Bowl and Final Results

February 3rd, 2014 by Mike

That wasn’t the game anyone expected! Sure, I saw lots of win predictions for the Seattle Seahawks over the Denver Broncos, but man, I don’t think anyone even wanted to believe it would be such a big blowout. We’ve had so many good, closely contested Super Bowls lately, this brings me back to the Buffalo Bills vs. Dallas Cowboys days. Bad memories! Or the San Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers Super Bowl. I think that one I ended up playing pool in my university bar for the second half.

Well, as we close the books on another season, lets first get down to business and figure out who won our NFL Playoffs Challenge. Remember the Super Bowl match – there was just one challenge per player in the contest – is worth double points in the standings.

There were also points up for drafting the Super Bowl MVP throughout the NFL Playoffs Challenge, but since that wasn’t Peyton Manning or Russell Wilson or even Percy Harvin, who got drafted a lot this week and even a bunch of times in the Seahawks win over the New Orleans Saints, no one drafted the MVP.

Congratulations to LB Malcolm Smith for landing the MVP honor. Maybe I should give the MVP bonus points to everyone who drafted the Seattle Seahawks defense? Technically, I cannot do that, as that wasn’t clear in the rules previously. I’ll definitely think about adding that in the future, however, that if a defensive player wins MVP then the points go to that team defense. It sure makes sense in Seattle’s case.

Personally, I had an absolutely terrible final week of the season playing Fantasy Throwdown. “Manning” (pun intended) the Throwdown1 account for this challenge, I went 7-15. All but two of the losses, my opponent won by 21+ fantasy points for the. . . lets call it the ass-kicking, bonus.

No loss was bigger than the one handed out by Wilforkisland. He won by 93 points! Final score 136-43. He got his hands on Demaryius Thomas and Wes Welker, and took Seattle defense and Steven Hauschka early, in the 5th and 6th rounds, between me adding Percy Harvin and Golden Tate. He nabbed Doug Baldwin with his final pick, the final nail in the coffin.

Didn’t I say just last week I was shocked Wilforkisland was in last place, winless, in this contest? Figures he took it to heart and finished strong with the biggest win in the Super Bowl round. He wins the $50 weekly prize.

Now down to the big dogs who finished in the Top 5 overall for this contest. This is I guess what you would consider our first guaranteed prize pool, or GPP in daily fantasy sports lingo. Not that all of our cash games aren’t guaranteed prizes, so it is a bit confusing. Players flock to GPP though, so GPP it is! First place in this contest wins $300, 2nd place $150, 3rd place $75 and 4th and 5th place, each $40.

Drumroll please. . . and. . . our Top 5 last week all won, and won big this week. No change! Womp womp womp. Since we didn’t have any points awarded for the MVP, that couldn’t come into play. All of these guys brought their A-game to get the maximum 5 points for Super Bowl (4 for the win, 1 for winning by 21+). And those guys start with. . .

Champion rhazes_darkk! He finished with a 6-1 record in the contest and won 4 of those games by 21+. Great job, rhazes_darkk!

Second place, Bigchief37 (5-2, 3 by 21+) wins a points differential tie-breaker over third place, Luxuriousdusti with the exact same record.

Kjhawkey finished 4th, also with a 5-2 record but I managed to keep most of those wins close. He won once by 21+, the Super Bowl being the only one. mr_punisher is 5th with a 4-3 record but all 4 of those wins he won by 21+ to edge out three more players who all finished 4-3.

Congrats to our winners! Thanks again to everyone for playing. As I said in the email last week, I really enjoyed this format and I hope you guys did too. We’ll look to do more of these multi-week, bigger group events next season. Without further adieu, here are the weekly results from Super Bowl and final overall results from the inaugural NFL Playoffs Challenge:

Super Bowl Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. Wilforkisland 1 0 1 5.0 93.1
2. Airbus79 1 0 1 5.0 76.5
3. mr_punisher 1 0 1 5.0 75.5
4. rhazes_darkk 1 0 1 5.0 50.1
5. BeastModeCV 1 0 1 5.0 44.8
6. Haysie 1 0 1 5.0 44.6
7. Luxuriousdusti 1 0 1 5.0 31.5
8. jeffNFL 1 0 1 5.0 31.1
9. Bigchief37 1 0 1 5.0 30.3
10. raptors 1 0 1 5.0 30.3
11. Kjhawkey 1 0 1 5.0 27.3
12. j0eo1s 1 0 1 5.0 25.7
13. ffrittle 1 0 1 5.0 23.9
14. eddieprobro 1 0 0 4.0 17.9
15. Scott Kuff 1 0 0 4.0 8.5
16. spridlewv 0 1 0 0.0 -7.2
17. awilde27 0 1 0 0.0 -16.9
18. Doclate 0 1 0 0.0 -17.3
19. Fantasytaz 0 1 0 0.0 -19.1
20. NiteHawk55 0 1 0 0.0 -33.6
21. robmcangus 0 1 0 0.0 -35.7
22. atcdav 0 1 0 0.0 -60.3

Overall Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. rhazes_darkk 6 1 4 16.5 166.3
2. Bigchief37 5 2 3 14.0 73.9
3. Luxuriousdusti 5 2 3 14.0 1.1
4. Kjhawkey 5 2 1 13.0 29.8
5. mr_punisher 4 3 4 12.5 209.3
6. raptors 4 3 3 12.0 55.2
7. jeffNFL 4 3 3 12.0 11.2
8. BeastModeCV 4 3 1 11.0 -63.2
9. ffrittle 3 4 2 9.5 -80.7
10. Airbus79 3 4 1 9.0 -11.8
11. Scott Kuff 3 4 0 8.0 -60.1
12. atcdav 3 4 3 7.5 4.2
13. Haysie 2 5 2 7.5 -123.8
14. j0eo1s 2 5 1 7.0 -95.8
15. eddieprobro 2 5 1 6.5 -60.0
16. Wilforkisland 1 6 1 5.0 -83.9
17. awilde27 2 5 1 4.5 -5.4
18. spridlewv 2 5 1 4.5 -143.4
19. NiteHawk55 2 5 0 4.0 -157.1
20. Fantasytaz 1 6 1 2.5 -103.2
21. Doclate 1 6 0 2.0 -174.8
22. robmcangus 1 6 0 2.0 -276.6

Game 7 Results

atcdav 59.9
Throwdown1 120.2

Doclate 81.4
Throwdown1 98.7

Wilforkisland 136.6
Throwdown1 43.5

Scott Kuff 94.3
Throwdown1 85.8

robmcangus 72.2
Throwdown1 107.9

Bigchief37 105.2
Throwdown1 74.9

rhazes_darkk 115.1
Throwdown1 65

spridlewv 85.2
Throwdown1 92.4

eddieprobro 98.2
Throwdown1 80.3

Luxuriousdusti 105.8
Throwdown1 74.3

ffrittle 102
Throwdown1 78.1

BeastModeCV 112.9
Throwdown1 68.1

mr_punisher 127.8
Throwdown1 52.3

raptors 105.2
Throwdown1 74.9

Haysie 112.8
Throwdown1 68.2

awilde27 81.6
Throwdown1 98.5

Airbus79 128.3
Throwdown1 51.8

Kjhawkey 103.7
Throwdown1 76.4

j0eo1s 102.9
Throwdown1 77.2

jeffNFL 105.6
Throwdown1 74.5

Fantasytaz 80.5
Throwdown1 99.6

NiteHawk55 73.7
Throwdown1 107.3

NFL Playoffs Challenge Conference Championship Results

January 20th, 2014 by Mike

Regardless of what you think about Richard Sherman . . . (it seems everyone is commenting on Richard Sherman today in a free-for-all for hits and retweets #RichardSherman #ErinAndrews #MichaelCrabtree #LegionOfBoom #trolling #justkidding #apologies) . . . those were two excellent games yesterday. Really lived up to the word “Championship” in Conference Championships.

Now we are down to two teams set to compete for the Super Bowl in two weeks – Denver Broncos versus Seattle Seahawks! Hey, that is pretty much what the majority predicted way back in August and September. That never happens, so you could almost consider it unexpected two number one seeds advance to the big game.

I received marketing emails from a lot of daily fantasy sports websites last week hailing the Conference Championships mark the end of fantasy football for the season. Say what? We are open for business. Yes, there is just one game or two teams to form the player pool for your draft, but it is the biggest game of the year. We couldn’t let the Super Bowl go by and not play Fantasy Throwdown.

Lineup options are reduced, and the Block is off the table for Super Bowl challenges, but otherwise, get in there and do a draft against a friend. If you haven’t played Throwdown yet, this is a nice way to get your feet wet and try it out. It doesn’t have to be for money. Simply play for free if you prefer.

On to the business at hand, it was week three of our NFL Playoffs Challenge, with just one game to go for the Super Bowl (worth double points) to decide our inaugural NFL Playoffs Challenge Champion. Plus there is a weekly prize for this past week and Super Bowl week.

Tim, member tttimmyg, had another very good week as Throwdown1, while I went a bit overboard on the LeGarrette Blount Kool-Aid, and it cost me playing as Throwdown2. Tim went 16-6 in his challenges, while I was a measly 10-12. I’d like to blame my trip to Las Vegas last week, but I know it was too much Blount, Frank Gore, New England Patriots Defense and not enough Demaryius Thomas, Peyton Manning and Marshawn Lynch.

Five of our players went 2-0 this week. Three of them won both of their games by 21 or more points. That means it comes down to a tie-breaker to decide our weekly winner. And the winner is . . . atcdav! His two wins combined for an almost 104 point margin of victory to help him win the $50 weekly prize. Our other 2-0 players were jeffNFL, Luxuriousdusti, Bigchief37 and rhazes_darkk. r_d went 2-0 and won the $50 last week, so he is on a big time roll.

r_d is now alone in 1st place overall with a 5-1 record and 1.5 points up on Bigchief37 and Luxuriousdusti. mr_punisher shared 1st place with r_d after last week, and held the tie-breaker, but dropped down to 5th place after going 0-2. Kjhawkey is in 4th place, while atcdav moved way up with his big week and is now in a tie for 5th.

I think the most shocking ranking for me is Wilforkisland, way down now by himself in last place and 0-6 in the competition. Wilfork is our Turkey Day Challenge winner, Top 10 on the Leaderboard and holds a 3-2 record over my own “Mike” account this season since Week 9. The playoffs just aren’t going the way he expected or wanted, I suppose, as of yesterday especially since he is a Pats fan.

Conference Championship week standings below, then the updated overall standings, and we’ll get rolling for Super Bowl.

Conference Championship Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. atcdav 2 0 2 5.0 103.8
2. jeffNFL 2 0 2 5.0 83.4
3. Luxuriousdusti 2 0 2 5.0 61.2
4. Bigchief37 2 0 1 4.5 71.4
5. rhazes_darkk 2 0 0 4.0 20.8
6. ffrittle 1 1 1 2.5 8.2
7. Fantasytaz 1 1 1 2.5 -28.4
8. Airbus79 1 1 0 2.0 -0.3
9. Kjhawkey 1 1 0 2.0 -0.7
10. robmcangus 1 1 0 2.0 -1.2
11. Scott Kuff 1 1 0 2.0 -19.7
12. raptors 1 1 0 2.0 -21.8
13. BeastModeCV 1 1 0 2.0 -56.4
14. awilde27 0 2 0 0.0 -19.4
15. j0eo1s 0 2 0 0.0 -20.7
16. Doclate 0 2 0 0.0 -23.0
17. Wilforkisland 0 2 0 0.0 -35.5
18. mr_punisher 0 2 0 0.0 -37.4
19. eddieprobro 0 2 0 0.0 -56.0
20. NiteHawk55 0 2 0 0.0 -95.7
21. Haysie 0 2 0 0.0 -119.3
22. spridlewv 0 2 0 0.0 -127.7

Overall Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. rhazes_darkk 5 1 3 11.5 116.2
2. Bigchief37 4 2 2 9.0 43.6
3. Luxuriousdusti 4 2 2 9.0 -30.4
4. Kjhawkey 4 2 0 8.0 2.4
5. mr_punisher 3 3 3 7.5 133.8
6. atcdav 3 3 3 7.5 64.5
7. raptors 3 3 2 7.0 24.9
8. jeffNFL 3 3 2 7.0 -20.0
9. BeastModeCV 3 3 0 6.0 -108.0
10. awilde27 2 4 1 4.5 11.6
11. ffrittle 2 4 1 4.5 -104.6
12. spridlewv 2 4 1 4.5 -136.2
13. Scott Kuff 2 4 0 4.0 -68.6
14. Airbus79 2 4 0 4.0 -88.3
15. NiteHawk55 2 4 0 4.0 -123.5
16. eddieprobro 1 5 1 2.5 -77.9
17. Fantasytaz 1 5 1 2.5 -84.1
18. Haysie 1 5 1 2.5 -168.4
19. j0eo1s 1 5 0 2.0 -121.5
20. Doclate 1 5 0 2.0 -157.5
21. robmcangus 1 5 0 2.0 -240.9
22. Wilforkisland 0 6 0 0.0 -177.0

Super Bowl

One game to go. This game is worth double points in our competition. Also, remember you’ll earn bonus points for drafting the player named the Super Bowl MVP, assuming it isn’t Richard Sherman or other defensive player.

Super Bowl MVP bonus points are calculated from every week of this contest, so if the MVP is Peyton Manning and you drafted Peyton in every NFL Playoffs Challenge match all the way from Divisional Playoffs (Broncos and Seahawks didn’t play Wild-Card Weekend), you’ll get the maximum bonus of 0.5 per game, or 3 points total (5 Throwdown games, plus double for Super Bowl). That could make a big difference in our final overall standings.

For clarity, the Super Bowl MVP bonus points will not be used to determine the weekly winner for Super Bowl week, just as they haven’t been used to determine the weekly winner so far.

No Block in these Super Bowl challenges. The lineup is:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF

Games will be added middle of this week. We have two weeks to finish, so not an urgency to get them done this week. Remember, even if you are out of the running for Top 5 overall, try to win that weekly prize. Thanks again for playing, and good luck!

Game 5 Results (RB/WR/TE Flex)

atcdav 133.85
Throwdown1 97.2

Doclate 112.7
Throwdown1 118.65

Wilforkisland 103
Throwdown1 122.75

Scott Kuff 98.8
Throwdown1 128.75

robmcangus 102.4
Throwdown1 116.25

Bigchief37 122.7
Throwdown1 102.65

rhazes_darkk 114
Throwdown1 111.75

spridlewv 77.4
Throwdown1 156.25

eddieprobro 80.9
Throwdown1 125.05

Luxuriousdusti 125.3
Throwdown1 102.05

ffrittle 106
Throwdown1 133.65

BeastModeCV 77.5
Throwdown1 147.95

mr_punisher 108.75
Throwdown1 120

raptors 94.45
Throwdown1 127.7

Haysie 76.9
Throwdown1 149.95

awilde27 99.55
Throwdown1 118

Airbus79 103.2
Throwdown1 118.55

Kjhawkey 113.8
Throwdown1 107.55

j0eo1s 110.6
Throwdown1 111.65

jeffNFL 136.85
Throwdown1 96

Fantasytaz 78
Throwdown1 132.85

NiteHawk55 80.9
Throwdown1 133.65

Game 6 Results (No Flex)

atcdav 148
Throwdown2 80.85

Doclate 103.1
Throwdown2 120.15

Wilforkisland 101.15
Throwdown2 116.9

Scott Kuff 114.4
Throwdown2 104.15

robmcangus 126.95
Throwdown2 114.3

Bigchief37 144.95
Throwdown2 93.6

rhazes_darkk 121.3
Throwdown2 102.75

spridlewv 88.45
Throwdown2 137.3

eddieprobro 106.65
Throwdown2 118.5

Luxuriousdusti 140.7
Throwdown2 102.75

ffrittle 131.5
Throwdown2 95.65

BeastModeCV 119
Throwdown2 104.95

mr_punisher 102.4
Throwdown2 128.55

raptors 119.2
Throwdown2 107.75

Haysie 90
Throwdown2 136.25

awilde27 107.45
Throwdown2 108.4

Airbus79 123.6
Throwdown2 108.55

Kjhawkey 112.1
Throwdown2 119.05

j0eo1s 102.7
Throwdown2 122.35

jeffNFL 134.8
Throwdown2 92.25

Fantasytaz 129.25
Throwdown2 102.75

NiteHawk55 89.1
Throwdown2 132.05

NFL Playoffs Challenge Divisional Round Results

January 13th, 2014 by Mike

Round 2 – Divisional Playoffs – of our NFL Playoffs Challenge is in the books. We are at the halfway point and this is still a wide open competition for who is going to claim each of the coveted Top 5 money spots, including number one overall after the Super Bowl.

This was a very good week for the “home” side. Not that we (Throwdown) win anything as players are trying to earn points in this competition relative to one another. Throwdown1, this week manned by my “ringer”, Tim Grinstead or better known as member tttimmyg and writer of the Three Keys to Victory column all season, went 15-7. I focussed on the Throwdown2 account this week, and my record was 18-4.

You can guess what went right for both of us. We didn’t discuss strategy going in, as I just asked Tim to do the QB-Flex lineups, but apparently we each independently loved LeGarrette Blount this week and grabbed him whenever we could. Getting the first pick was big this week too, assuming it was used on Marshawn Lynch. Keenan Allen looked nothing like a rookie and scored the best at WR with his two scores.

The quarterbacks were all huddled together and none really stood out, except Tom Brady in a negative way about 10 points behind the other five starters. Jimmy Graham was shut down. I opted for Julius Thomas first at TE, but if I didn’t get him then I still fell for the name recognition of Graham a few times. Stellar season but bumbled it at the end for fantasy players with a poor Week 15, and mostly invisible playoffs.

Even with only a combined 11 losses in 44 games for Throwdown1 and Throwdown2, two of our players still managed to win both of their games this week. rhazes_darkk and Kjhawkey each went 2-0. Nicely done gentlemen. Adding to this accomplishment, rhazes_darkk won both of his games by 21+ points for the 0.5 point bonus in the standings, and he wins the weekly prize of $50 for this week.

r_d was clearly high on the Blount train. I liked Blount a lot, but waited expecting to get him later in most challenges, and I’m guessing Tim was the same. r_d took Blount in the 3rd round of his Throwdown2 draft. It paid off for him big time.

r_d pulls into a first place overall tie with mr_punisher, who went 1-1 for the week. mr_p holds the tie-breaker right now though, given his huge margin of victory in his DP win vs. Throwdown2. He won by a 109 points! Yes, I did field a lineup as bad as that sounds. He grabbed Lynch first overall, Blount in the 5th, Marques Colston, Anquan Boldin. I had Brady, Graham. It was a massacre. Definitely the largest margin of victory this week in the whole contest.

Kjhawkey is in third overall. Last week’s top player, raptors, falls to fourth. Then we have a logjam at the next six spots, all 2-2 and just half a point separating them.

One more quick props out to Fantasytaz, who was the only player who drafted LaVon Brazill in all of Fantasy Throwdown this week, not just our NFL Playoffs Challenge. Rewarded for his bold call with 2 touchdowns.

Okay, lets get to the weekly standings for Divisional Playoffs, followed by updated overall standings.

Divisional Playoffs Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. rhazes_darkk 2 0 2 5.0 63.5
2. Kjhawkey 2 0 0 4.0 22.0
3. mr_punisher 1 1 1 2.5 80.4
4. awilde27 1 1 1 2.5 31.8
5. Bigchief37 1 1 1 2.5 -14.2
6. Scott Kuff 1 1 0 2.0 -3.7
7. NiteHawk55 1 1 0 2.0 -31.8
8. Doclate 1 1 0 2.0 -40.8
9. BeastModeCV 1 1 0 2.0 -44.8
10. Fantasytaz 0 2 0 0.0 -4.3
11. eddieprobro 0 2 0 0.0 -41.3
12. atcdav 0 2 0 0.0 -68.8
13. Airbus79 0 2 0 0.0 -78.0
14. j0eo1s 0 2 0 0.0 -80.9
15. spridlewv 0 2 0 0.0 -81.6
16. raptors 0 2 0 0.0 -86.2
17. jeffNFL 0 2 0 0.0 -88.2
18. Haysie 0 2 0 0.0 -92.1
19. ffrittle 0 2 0 0.0 -94.7
20. Wilforkisland 0 2 0 0.0 -97.7
21. Luxuriousdusti 0 2 0 0.0 -113.9
22. robmcangus 0 2 0 0.0 -118.2

Overall Standings

W L W by 21+ Pts   Dif  
1. mr_punisher 3 1 3 7.5 171.2
2. rhazes_darkk 3 1 3 7.5 95.4
3. Kjhawkey 3 1 0 6.0 3.1
4. raptors 2 2 2 5.0 46.7
5. awilde27 2 2 1 4.5 31.0
6. spridlewv 2 2 1 4.5 -8.5
7. Bigchief37 2 2 1 4.5 -27.9
8. NiteHawk55 2 2 0 4.0 -27.8
9. BeastModeCV 2 2 0 4.0 -51.6
10. Luxuriousdusti 2 2 0 4.0 -91.6
11. eddieprobro 1 3 1 2.5 -21.9
12. atcdav 1 3 1 2.5 -39.3
13. Haysie 1 3 1 2.5 -49.1
14. Scott Kuff 1 3 0 2.0 -48.9
15. Airbus79 1 3 0 2.0 -88.0
16. j0eo1s 1 3 0 2.0 -100.8
17. jeffNFL 1 3 0 2.0 -103.4
18. ffrittle 1 3 0 2.0 -112.8
19. Doclate 1 3 0 2.0 -134.5
20. Fantasytaz 0 4 0 0.0 -55.8
21. Wilforkisland 0 4 0 0.0 -141.5
22. robmcangus 0 4 0 0.0 -239.7

Conference Championships

Conference Championships up next! Each person is due for another two games this week, but keep in mind the player pool is cut down to two-thirds its normal size because there are only two games on the schedule. When you accept your challenge, you only need to decide if you want the first pick in the draft, or the second plus third picks in the draft.

The lineups for this week are:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 O, 0 K, 1 DEF, 1 Block (Flex RB/WR/TE)

vs. Throwdown1, and:

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 1 Block (no Flex)

vs. Throwdown2.

Games will be added shortly. Keep fighting to the end, because you can make up ground quickly in this competition. Same points are awarded this week as the last two weeks. Points are double for the Super Bowl, and there are still bonus points for how many times you drafted the eventual Super Bowl MVP, which we won’t know until the end of the big game on February 2nd. Good luck!

Game 3 Results (QB/RB/WR/TE Flex)

atcdav 108.65
Throwdown1 156.35

Doclate 131.25
Throwdown1 127.85

Wilforkisland 129.35
Throwdown1 165.15

Scott Kuff 154.65
Throwdown1 152.6

robmcangus 124.5
Throwdown1 146.15

Bigchief37 163.2
Throwdown1 134.95

rhazes_darkk 139.3
Throwdown1 99.9

spridlewv 119.35
Throwdown1 142.15

eddieprobro 117.45
Throwdown1 137.45

Luxuriousdusti 112.55
Throwdown1 173.3

ffrittle 120.55
Throwdown1 174.45

BeastModeCV 150.65
Throwdown1 148.05

mr_punisher 132.2
Throwdown1 160.75

raptors 134.95
Throwdown1 174.55

Haysie 131.95
Throwdown1 147.25

awilde27 141.1
Throwdown1 107.2

Airbus79 101.85
Throwdown1 174.65

Kjhawkey 137.65
Throwdown1 135.3

j0eo1s 107.9
Throwdown1 166.15

jeffNFL 113.6
Throwdown1 138.6

Fantasytaz 138.45
Throwdown1 141.65

NiteHawk55 100.65
Throwdown1 152.25

Game 4 Results (RB/WR/TE Flex)

atcdav 113.7
Throwdown2 134.8

Doclate 112.1
Throwdown2 156.3

Wilforkisland 80.2
Throwdown2 142.05

Scott Kuff 125.8
Throwdown2 131.6

robmcangus 90.4
Throwdown2 186.95

Bigchief37 105.7
Throwdown2 148.15

rhazes_darkk 147.3
Throwdown2 123.25

spridlewv 108.1
Throwdown2 166.9

eddieprobro 85.55
Throwdown2 106.8

Luxuriousdusti 106.2
Throwdown2 159.3

ffrittle 96.5
Throwdown2 137.3

BeastModeCV 103.8
Throwdown2 151.2

mr_punisher 176.45
Throwdown2 67.5

raptors 104.4
Throwdown2 150.95

Haysie 81.3
Throwdown2 158.05

awilde27 108.5
Throwdown2 110.6

Airbus79 121.7
Throwdown2 126.85

Kjhawkey 140.7
Throwdown2 121.05

j0eo1s 115.3
Throwdown2 137.95

jeffNFL 97.3
Throwdown2 160.5

Fantasytaz 131.55
Throwdown2 132.6

NiteHawk55 128.5
Throwdown2 108.7